Daily Spin: Chipper Jones tore his ACL, Shaq plays a little girl, Brandon Marshall could play in the NBA

New “Revised Logos” for all of the MLB Teams… Every logo in the MLB and how they should really be represented – [via ESPN]

Shaq interview with Vanity Fair… Shaq does internet stings, he pretends he is a little girl named tanya… [via Vanity Fair]

Isiah Thomas turns down the Knicks consulting job…  That is a good thing, it probably would have been a terrible decision if they actually worked together again… [ via SI]

Charles Barkley is not a big fan of Miami’s big three… Apparently Charles doesn’t like it when you try to win a championship with you friends, probably because he didn’t win a championship…  [via Fanhouse]

Chipper Jones tore his ACL, and will be out for the season… Not good new for the Braves or Chipper, this could end his career… [NBC Sports]

Brandon Marshall will play in the NBA if there is a lockout in the NFL…  Marshall is a freak athlete and would probably do pretty good in the NBA… I just hope he doesn’t stay there.  And I really hope there isn’t a lockout… – [via ESPN]

The latest with the Soap Opera known as Rex, Revis, and the Jets:

Justin Bieber gets hit in the head by a water bottle:

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