Micheal Jordan on LeBron James Video

Video of Michael Jordan’s thoughts on LeBron James leaving Cleveland for Miami.


“I would have never called up Larry called up Magic and said ‘let’s get together and play on one team’. Honestly, I was trying to beat those guys.”


LeBron pulled a diva move, and is desperately trying to win a championship. He is chasing the ring, rather than trying to build a franchise and win it himself. He is not Michael Jordan, and never will be. No matter how many rings he ‘wins’.

Michael Jordan was drafted by a terrible franchise, and put that franchise on his back and brought it to success.  He made the bulls a winner, and if LeBron can’t do that, there should be no comparison between LeBron and MJ.


“I am a competitive guy, I like to play against competitive players.”


I have no problem bringing good guys in to help you win a championship, MJ had great players around him. But he didn’t bring in the best of the best. He wanted to beat them, he wanted to prove to them that he was better.  He wasn’t going to team up with them to win a championship unless it was for team USA. MJ is competitive.  LeBron just gives up in the playoffs.

I don’t think it is just a matter of leaving his team, since many players do that. It is the way that he did it. Amare left Phoenix and you don’t hear crap about people being made, partially because half of the people wanted him gone, but that is beside the point. He didn’t treat Cleveland like a professional, he treated them like a middle school girlfriend that you kind of liked, but didn’t want to go out with but you did it anyway.

Micheal Jordan will always be the NBA’s golden boy in a lot of peoples eyes.  That is why he can pull of the Hitler mustache:

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