Daily Spin: Vick Gets Travel Restrictions, First Sub 10 Second 100 M Dash by White Male, Top 100 Best Places to Live

Daily Spin, with all that news out there you probably just want one place to go in the morning…  Money Magazines Top 100 Best Places to live came out, I don’t like their order of cities, but at least where I live it is on the list.

World Cup Predicting Octopus (Paul) is retiring…  Paul predicted 8 correct World Cup matches, including the final.  Whoever ends up eating paul in the long run will probably gain his oracle like powers… [via  LA Times]

Michael Vick faces travel restrictions due to his probation. Vick can’t travel outside the state of Pennsylvania… Wow, it’s like he’s on some sort of leash… I hope it’s one of those with spikes that dig into his neck.. [via ESPN]

First white man runs sub 10 second 100 meter dash… I am not sure if this is sad news or good news for White Male Sprinters… [via Yahoo]

Iowa DE Broderick Binns gets a DUI… Looks like Broderick will probably be suspended for the Hawkeyes first game of the season.  3  DUI’s this year for Hawkeye Football, really not that bad for Iowa standards.  [via Press Citizen]

Indiana Pacers are staying in Indianapolis, but it will cost taxpayers at least $33.5 million over the next three years… If I was an Indiana tax payer I would be pissed.  No chance of the Pacers winning a title over the next three years anyway, let them move and grab the next franchise instead… [via IndyStar]

Male Cheerleader Video…. I think we can still call him male….

Top 100 Best Places to Live –  No idea now Ames, Iowa is #9… Apparently weather isn’t a factor.  I would definitely take Scottsdale over Ames! Sorry Matt. [ via CNN]

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