25 thoughts on “Niger vs Germany Scoreboard”

  1. Don’t need new abbreviations – just someone smart enough to realise they should have listed Germany first.

    1. In places like Britain, that IS how they spell it. Just like the word license is spelled differently….USA uses an s and Britain uses a c (licence)….before you assume someone isn’t smart, consider where they are from….just saying.

  2. Ok Ok Ok! Yes it’s funny and yes we all have spelling differences. But don’t for one second think you can pull the wool over big jed’s eyes and call this little game anything but SOCCER. Football is for real athletes. It’s a real American sport, unlike soccer. There’s nothing more manly or american than the concept of football. Stealing another man’s land and wearing tight pants while doing it!
    -Jed Out

    1. Yea! unlike soccer, Football is all about running around with a bunch of boys in tights! To people who don’t understand how football is played, it may look like the game starts with boys lining up to hug each other and roll around on the ground together, and they indeed do that to start every game, but there’s so much manliness behind all this homosexual fun.

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