Madden 11 Player Ratings

Madden 20011 Player Rankings are out, so here are the top players at each position.  Chris Johnson is leading the pack with a 99 rating, he also has a 99 speed.    FYI:  Brett Favre is on the list, and still highly rated, so I think John Madden has insider information.  Favre is coming back!!!

Overall Top Players
C. Johnson HB – 99
P. Willis MLB – 99
D. Revis CB – 99
J. Allen RE – 99
D. Brees QB – 99
P. Manning QB – 99
R. Clady LT – 98
A. Peterson HB – 98
A. Johnson WR – 98
T. Gonzalez TE – 98
N. Asomugha CB – 98
J. Evans RG – 98
S. Lechlar P – 98

D. Brees – 99
P. Manning – 99
T. Brady – 95
A. Rodgers – 94
P. Rivers – 94
B. Favre – 92
T. Romo – 90
M. Shaub – 89
Running Backs
C. Johnson – 99
A. Peterson – 98
M. Jones-Drew – 96
S. Jackson – 95
F. Gore – 93
D. Williams – 92
R. Rice – 90
M. Turner – 90
T. Richardson – 94
L. Polite – 91
L. Weaver – 90
L. McLain – 90
L. Vickers – 89
O. Mughelli – 88
M. Hedgecock – 86
M. Karney – 85
Wide Receivers
A. Johnson – 98
L. Fitzgerald – 97
B. Marshall – 96
R. Wayne – 96
R. Moss – 95
R. White – 93
S. Smith – 92
D. Jackson – 91
Tight Ends
T. Gonzalez – 98
J. Witten – 97
V. Davis – 96
A. Gates – 96
D. Clark – 96
H. Miller – 90
C. Cooley – 89
K. Winslow – 89
Left Tackles
R. Clardy – 98
J. Long – 96
J. Thomas – 95
M. Roos – 95
J. Gross – 95
D. Ferguson – 91
J. Brown – 91
B. McKinnie – 90
Left Guards
S. Hutchinson – 97
L. Mankins – 95
B. Grubbs – 94
K. Dielman – 93
C. Nicks – 91
E. Steinback – 91
A. Faneca – 91
T. Herremans – 89
N. Mangold – 97
A. Gurode – 92
J. Saturday – 92
S. O’Hara – 91
M. Birk – 91
R. Kalil – 90
J. Brown – 89
D. Koppen – 88
Right Guards
J. Evans – 98
C. Snee – 96
L. Davis – 89
D. Joseph – 88
B. Moore – 88
B. Williams – 88
H. Dahl – 87
J. Scott – 85
Right Tackles
J. Stinchcomb – 90
D. Stewart – 89
D. Woody – 89
J. Otah – 86
J. Gaither – 86
V. Carey – 86
R. Harris – 85
E. Winston – 85
Left Ends
R. Mathis – 95
J. Tuck – 92
R. Seymour – 92
L. Castillo – 88
A. Smith – 87
C. Campbell – 86
S. Ellis – 86
R. Edwards – 85
Right Ends
J. Allen – 99
D. Freeney – 97
M. Williams – 95
T. Cole – 95
J. Peppers – 95
H. Ngata – 94
D. Dockett – 94
W. Smith – 90
Defensive Tackles
K. Williams – 97
V. Wilfork – 95
J. Ratliff – 94
K. Jenkins – 94
S. Rogers – 93
C. Hampton – 91
A. Franklin – 90
R. Starks – 89
L. Woodley – 91
S. Phillips – 91
D. Smith – 89
T. Davis – 87
B. Cushing – 87
J. Peterson – 86
B. Orakpo – 85
R. Maualuga – 85
P. Willis – 99
J. Beason – 96
R. Lewis – 94
D. Harris – 91
B. Ruud – 91
L. Fletcher – 91
D. Ryans – 90
J. Vilma – 90
D. Ware – 97
J. Harrison – 97
E. Dumervil – 93
L. Briggs – 92
T. Suggs – 90
C. Greenway – 88
K. Rivers – 86
C. Matthews – 86
D. Revis – 99
N. Asomugha – 98
C. Woodson – 97
C. Bailey – 95
A. Samuel – 94
J. Joseph – 93
L. Hall – 92
C. Finnegan -92
E. Reed – 97
A. Bethea – 95
D. Sharper – 94
N. Collins – 93
O. Atogwe – 92
B. Dawkins – 90
T. Jackson – 88
K. Rhodes – 88
T. Polamalu – 97
A. Wilson – 96
B. Sanders – 89
B. Merriweather – 88
L. Landry – 87
T. Branch – 86
J. Leonhard – 85
B. Pollard – 84
R. Gould – 95
N. Kaeding – 95
R. Bironas – 93
R. Longwell – 92
S. Gostowski – 91
S. Janikowski – 90
J. Hanson – 89
D. Akers – 89
S. Lechlar – 98
A. Lee – 94
D. Jones – 94
M. Scifres – 93
M. McBriar – 92
D. Colquitt – 91
B. Moorman – 90
S. Koch – 86

Watch the video to see who has top speed, and a few other attributes:

[via KOACHK Youtube] – check out more madden videos from E3

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  • john madden has nothing to do with the game, hes only a commentator, and if he quits they’d take him out of the game with a game update

  • thats terrible ratings for the Dbaks how does woodson fall at #3 for the corners??? he led the leaugue in INTS and if im not mistaking had like at least the third most tackles and fumbles for the packers. and whats up with Ed Reed getting #1 for safties he did horrible last season…

  • The Packers should be a higher ranking than the vikings Aaron Rodgers was one of the best Quarterbacks in the game last year and Charles Woodson was the best defensive player in the NFL last year and how does that cornerback for the Raiders get a higher rating what did he do last year? He certainly didn’t help the Raiders win like Woodson did with the Packers

    • child please..that db for the raiders has been the top shutdown corner the past 4 years at least..QB’s dont throw to his side of the field often because they respect him too much and know it will be incomplete or picked. Don’t compare Woodson to Asomugha. The only DB thats on the same level as him is Revis

    • Dwight Schrute are you stupid? The cornerback from the raiders is ver good, but did you just say don’t compare him to Woodson? RETARD!!! Woodson was defensveryear at age 33 i believe his 11th season in the NFL and STILL doin work..WAY More than ASowhateverthehellhisnameis..Woodson also has more tackles and other stats..A veteran in the league that NOBODY (Revis will get there) IN THE EAGUE CAN TOUCH

  • Why does Matt Schaub have such a high rating? I mean yeah he did okay last year but that’s all because of Andre Johnson i mean its like the same thing back when Moss was with the Vikings with Culpepper now look at Culpepper in Minnesota he just threw the ball up and hoped Moss made an amazing play its the same with Schaub in Houston without Johnson he would be nothing.

  • Why aren’t Vincent Jackson or Miles Austin a 91+ rating? If I’m not mistaken, they both led their teams in catches an yards as well as having 1100+ yard seasons.

    • They could be a 91 or a 90, not sure yet, the video only showed the top players at each position. I assume both of them are up there. They should both be at least 88s

  • actually someone thats completely false, he does work very closely with the developers and writers to ensure it comes out well, in fact he does not even commentate in the game and hasnt for years… hmmmmm

  • also btw asomugha was widely known as the best cover corner in the nfl for a few years before revis came along last year, what he did last year was shut everybody down almost as well as revis just not on such a big stage since hes on such a terrible team, the ratings are pretty accurate revis and asomugha are def better than woodson

  • wow you guys dont know shit matt schaub dominted last year, threw for 4,700 yards more than anybody in the nfl, know your shit before you bitch ahahahahahaah

  • Aaron Rodgers was the best Qb in the NFL last year. 30 tds 7 picks, best passer rating in the nfl, well over 4,000 yards, and hes a great scrambler, AND his line sucked. 94 is pathetic for him.

    • What a surprise, a packers fan doesn’t know his NFL information. Your boy Brett had the second best passer rating in the NFL last year, however A Rodg had the 4th best. 33 Tds and 7 picks for Brett. Oh yea and that was his best statistical season ever. Hmmm… what team was it with? Of course, the Purple! Eat it pussy the Purple is the best team in the NFL and is gonna destroy A-Rodg and the fudge packers again this season!

  • Wow, this is really screwed up, they should of rated the players by how well they did threw-out there career and not just by one year. Just because drew brees won a super bowl he gets a rating of 99 when peyton manning has been an great quarterback for majority of his career, wow. Why isnt chad johnson not in the 90’s when all of his years where at 1000 yards receiving except in 2008??? this game is unaccurate.

  • what? Matt schaub had the most passing yards of any QB. check your stats bud. hes the real deal and he only has one good wide reciever to throw to. he is right where he should be. and so what about woodson. Hes OLD. so what if woodson got luckier than asomugha.

  • aaron rodgers is good but i would take peyton manning any day of the week. he has proven himself. Rodgers hasnt. and ed reed and troy polamalu definetly belong at the top of the safeties

  • Com’on James farrior should be in the 90’s, but loving woodley and Harrison. Also Clark should have broke the top ten.

  • micheal turner is overated he had one good year and johnathan stewart is way better to he had jus about the same stats as deangelo williams except more tds an he wasnt even a full time starter he had to share

  • wtf?!
    asante samuel should have atleast a 96. not a 94.
    and where the fuck is quinton mickell?

  • also that is only the top 8 everybody lol

  • Aw come on, the players on my favorite team should DEFINITELY be ranked higher.

  • I think miles austin is getting shafted being ranked below desean jackson! He didnt even play in four games and had better stats!

  • And that goes for r. white and s. smith too who r also ranked higher than austin!

  • brees SHUD NOT be a 99! peyton @ brady has been tha 2 best qb’z for tha last decade. manning 99 brady 98. so wut if woodson is older, he’s been consistant throughtout his career! he shud be a 99 @ revis shud be a 94 cuz he’s only about 3 years n his career. they did dog miles austin! he’s a better wideout than sean jackson, jus sean is faster. shaub had a comin out party last year-him @ rodgers shud be the youner versions of payton @ brady. ray rice shud be higher, @ so shud t.o. who didnt make the list. they shud rate u on your career @ progression the year before.

  • For all the people that dont know dick, know this! Matt Schaub led the league in passing yards (4770), completions (396), yards per game (298) and passing attempts (583), while finishing fifth in touchdowns (29) compiling a quarterback rating of 98.6. Not to mention he lost his TE half way through the season that was pacing over 1,000 yards recieving, leads all TE in TDs and Catches! Oh and lets not forget that 2009 was the first time Schaub has started and played all sixteen games.

    PS: His 2009 season performance left his tied for 2nd place with

    Dan Marino, Miami, 1984
    Warren Moon, Houston, 1990
    Kurt Warner, St. Louis, 1999
    Kurt Warner, St. Louis, 2001
    Peyton Manning, Indianapolis, 2009

    for most games in a single season with 300+ yards passing.

    Peace Bitches!!!

  • The reason for all the mix up in ratings, is because the game takes each stat and combines them to form an overall rating. For instance, DeSean Jacksons overall is so high, because he is so fast, and a recievers speed is such an effective weapon. Same thing with other positions and stats. The game should really come up with a clutch stat or something to benefit those players who play well but arent as athletic. Athleticism is reciving too much credit right now.

  • How is troy polamalu not a 99? He is the best safety in football hands down! And big ben not even a 90 overall… give me a break. He has 2 superbowl rings..a playoff record of 8-2 Overall record of 68-28… and he finished with 26 tds 12 ints with 4,328 yards and a 100.5 qb rating…. come on madden do your homework

  • Theres a reason madden is the best football game out there and to be honest everyone is still gonna buy it so why complain

    • um best football game out there my ass they suck they arte the only nfl game and that the only reason 2k blew there madden shit out of the water when they still had rights have a decade ago

    • the only reason its the best is because its the only football game out there you fucking moron

  • The only reason its the best game is that they gave the nfl tons of $$$ to buy the exclusive rights. I never really thought madden was anything special back when it had competition, and i still prefer NCAA.

    CJ shouldnt be higher than AP. AP has proven himself for a couple years.. Not that CJ isnt awesome,and doesnt fumble like AP. Same thing should go for Shaub (Id bet anything that he never even sniffs a lombardi). Suprised that Roethlisberger and isnt a 90 something.. I have a feeling Shaub will be a dan marino-type.. tons of stats but will never get the rings that Brady, The Mannings, Brees, and Roethlisberger have.

  • by the way woodson did not led the leaugue in INTS if you look it was a rookie name J.Bird and D. Sharper

  • Why is everyone complaining about a few skill points in a video game. Its not like being rated a few points low is gonna effect any of these players on the field and some people are acting like its the end of the world. Instead of why is Woodson not higher or why is Brees so high, we should focus on the real question. How the hell are we gonna stop Chris Johnson provided hes not on our team?

  • I dont want to sound bias but where the hell is greg jennings. MOST UNDERATED PLAYER IN FOOTBALL. He has never been to the pro bowl and never been well represented on madden. He is an incrediable football player and a amazing wide out. However no one cares because he is not flashy and doesnt talk crap like other wide outs i know

    • Cory, I couldn’t agree more. He’s finished 30th, 6th and 15th in receiving yards the past 3 years. Even as a Vikings fan I can agree Jennings is a top 10 WR in the NFL.

  • Why don’t people just change ratings as they see fit, who the f cares.

  • ahh….def pla of yr…..most picks…strips…tackles…sacks…..for a DB….might have had the best season at both corners/slot/ss….in the history of the NFL….i think its total disrespect to ever put these other clowns in his universe….
    that namdi guy….who does he stop…?…wat does he do for the raiders?…please sumone explain to me….besides A-rod…might be most overhyped/overrated guy in sports…….and Revis…he holds TO a couple gms….chad John a couple gms and he’s the best….those guys mighta had their worst seasons ever to their standards…..i suppose u can say the other DBs that held them in check are the best too…rite?….please…woody is in a class by himself….you neva hear no receiver talkin shit or challenging him…..they know who the real is

  • where is josh freeman ..i mean hes a lot better ten manning and brees?..uhuh

  • josh freeman was a rookie last year on a terrible team. anyone who thinks hes better than 2 of the top qbs in the league is a complete and utter retard, who should be smacked with a wet noodle until they actually watch a football game

  • i couldnt agree more. ric is a dumbass

  • Nnamdi is still one of the best in the league. Look at it this way. He was on the Raiders. Who else do they have at corner? I dont know Id have to look it up. So Obviously he wont have the stats because no one threw to him. But if you look at the times he did get thrown to it is amazing.

  • Who cares about stats when the game is watered down with cheap sponsor aids and is pretty much an old toy with new wrapping paper step up your game madden it’s time for the next level take out some of the bullshit and make Chris stop saying the same shit over and over

  • You left off the best defensive player in the NFL. Me! I’m a shut down corner for the New York Giants. I’m a 20 year old rookie and have 97 speed, 96 acceleration, 99 man-to-man cover skills, 92 in zone, 93 jumping, 88 play recognition, and 85 awareness. God bless the madden Creation Zone. And God bless the Big Blue Machine!

  • tanard jackson is the best safety in the nfl.

  • What about wes welker he tied the record last year for receptions and he ins’t in the top 10 for recievers1

  • why isn’t miles austin a 99 overall? he led the nfl in 82 catches 1,320 yardsand 11 touchdowns in 11 games! he’s better than desaun jackson and better than andre johnson

  • wow i just realized that madden sucks

  • comon guys, this is the next best thing to actually gettin up off our asses and playin! quit complainin

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