Detroit P Armando Galarraga robbed of perfect game.

Detroit P Armanda Galarraga was just robbed of a perfect game in one of the worst baseball calls I’ve ever seen. The good news is Major League Baseball has instant replay, so everything has been fixed. Oh, they don’t have instant replay? That’s terrible. I hope Bud Selig announces tomorrow that Galarraga has been awarded a 28 out perfect game. Video of the play below, it’s not the best quality, but it’s much better than when I took videos with my LG Dare.

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  • I watched every out of that masterpiece of a game and practically broke my arm when I jumped up to cheer, before I saw. I swear it felt like a bit of me died.

  • Worst call I’ve ever seen. I’ll say no more.

  • im a padres fan BUT most importantly an MLB fan. I was watching the game on MLB NETWORK and let me tell you I am so pisssssssssssed . What A TOOL. why cant MLB review the film and give him a perfect?????????? just plain bullshit.


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