Daily Spin: US Soccer Loses, Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement, Bionic Cat

Another Edition of the Daily Spin… The biggest news of the weekend was USA soccer losing…. which means the popularity of soccer in the US stays dormant for another 4 years.

USA loses in round 2 of the World Cup…  USA is really good at ties, if only this game could have ended in a tie… Soccer came close to being a well respected sport in the US…  [via USA Today]

Tiger Woods Divorce settlement is a lot of money…  Seriously, a ridiculous amount of money…  Who needs $750 Million?!?!?  [via Radar Online]

8 Reasons to still watch the World Cup… Ok let’s be serious here, US isn’t in it anymore it’s a little harder to watch…. But you don’t really have a lot options in the summer. [via Telegraph]

Brain Trauma found in Chris Henry… I have a feeling that the commish is going to investigate concussions a little more. [via ESPN]

Bionic Cat, one of the coolest medical breakthroughs ever…  If only it was a Bionic Dog… [via Daily Mail]

Optical Illusions World Cup Edition:

The world cup is going to be so much better when they have instant replay.

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