Phillies Fan Runs onto Field, Gets Tasered (Video)

Let this be a lesson to all you drunk Phillies Fans. Don’t run on the field. Security at the games now are fucking serious. Before you might have just gotten tackled, or restrained. Now, you get tasered.

Another look at the 17 year old kid getting tasered.

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  • This whole taser issue has gotten out of hand. The police are using it for everything and anything. Since it can have deadly implications, it should only be used when someone is in danger. Not a kid who is playing tag or say you get pulled over and want to argue a ticket. This is UFB!

    • i think the taser here was necessary. they need to send a message that if you run on the field you’ll get tased. How long until some idiot runs on the field with a gun? They need to prevent morons from running onto the field.

      • Seriously? A Taser? Not for this situation. It was just a dumb kid running across the field. He wasn’t a threat. When someone runs onto the field and attacks a first base coach, or has a gun, that’s when you need taser. The kid should have just gotten “Ray Lewis-ed” by a security guard. Each MLB team should keep a former college LB on staff to just tackle people. That would be the best.

  • I kind of agree. At first I thought “tuff s*it,” because I think there too many doofuses in the world, but, yeah, someone should have just tackled him.

    When did MLB players start wearing pajamas bottoms to play in?

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