Big Baby Davis Knocked Out by Dwight Howard’s Elbow

Glen “Big Baby” Davis gets knocked out by a Dwight Howard’s elbow. Big Baby tried to get up, but he couldn’t regain his balance, and had to be helped off the court. The elbow to the face also took out one of Davis’ teeth.

“Point blank. I ain’t speaking. I’m all right. I’ll be back next game,” Davis said “That’s all you need to print.”

Doc Rivers said that Davis “Blacked out” on the court. Depending on the severity of the concussion Big Baby will probably play the next game. He says he can, but will the doctors let him? If he does play he might be a little slowed down, concussions can screw you up for days, even weeks.

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  • Maybe he would have been able to take it if he wasn’t a giant pile of mush.

    • That elbow was intentional. Think about this. If the ball is above your head and your going for a rebound, why would your elbows go down to your sides. If you could say that is he was falling or off balance then yes bringing your arms down would be normal. He was not falling the ball was in the air and he decided to just drop an elbow into Davis. If I was Davis, I would be looking to get back just to break Howard’s jaw in 3 places. And if you think that Howard can take Davis, you know nothing about the fight game. I bet my life that Howard can’t scrap. He just recently learned to stand run and dunk, throwing a punch when your built like Howard would take a long time to develope. Davis trains in fighting in the off season as part of his workout. If Davis is back and get hit with another intentional elbow, don’t be surprised if Howard is carried away on a stretcher.

  • How is he going to eat if he lost a tooth?!?!? That boy needs his food

  • Typical Dwight “elbow” Howard. This guy throws more limbs than an MMA fighter. He has to cause he has no basketball talent.

  • What a big baby

  • the elbow to the face of Howard’s Big Baby Davis, not only dangerous but even spectacuulaire.

  • Hilarious at Doc Rivers was becoming irate that Glen Davis was unable to rise to his feet.

    Rivers is a cold man. Hahahaha.

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