Jon Gruden Swears During NFL Draft

Jon Gruden seemed to be reading a text to Mel Kiper saying “It’s a crazy league a lot of dumbass…” Coaches. I am pretty sure he says coaches. If only Berman didn’t interrupt him. But what exactly is he referring to? Probably Denver taking Tim Tebow. I love Jon Gruden, so entertaining.

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  • wow dude you’re an idiot. he said “I said it’s crazy league with a lot of dumb@$$…..” He was referring to the segment that they were just showing a bunch of first round busts. It had absolutely nothing to do with Tebow. I hope you are not going to school for journalism because you are terrible and have such a slanted left wing bias that it’s not even funny. you’re an embarassment to Vikings fans and just humans in general.

    • what are you talking about? Have you ever heard of a joke? I don’t see how any post we have made constitutes a left wing bias, but we’ll let the trolls troll here.

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