Charles Barkley Gives Ernie Johnson the Finger on Inside the NBA

Charles Barkley Flips off Ernie Johnson on TV. Smooth move Chuck, you are always a riot.

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  • first person to comment haha

  • I totally agree with Jeff Van Gundy. Flopping does take away from the game, but beyond taking away for the game, it challenges the integrity of the game! I would think, 95% of the time, flops are easily identified. So, flops can be easily regulated. Why does the NBA not enforce the flop rule? It is there in NBA rules!!!

    Another thing that is really getting to my nerves is how the league allow preferential calling for certain players. It seems if a player draws a huge fan base, and in turn helps sell tickets, referees will favor calls on both sides of the ball for that player and his team. It’s time that fans start to boycott NBA games. There is also another resolve. If fans, after having bought tickets to a game and must sit through (unfair callings) a game where there are a great deals of obvious calls in favor a specific player, they should sue the NBA. Yes, the fans should sue the NBA!

    It’s time for fans standup! For without the fans, there is no income for any NBA employee, even the Commissioner, who has as Jeff said, “makes $25M”!

    paullet j. barnes

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