New NBA Jam (2010) Video Game Trailer – VIDEO

Here is a preview of EA Sports NBA Jam 2010,which should be coming out later this year for the Wii. It looks like it plays just like the original, but with upgraded graphics. I am going to buy this one for sure. It Looks awesome, and I can’t wait. BOOM SHAKALAKA!!!

NBA Jam 2010 even has all the classic sound effects, did they even need to hire a new guy? Because they sound exactly the same to me. I really like the 2d/3d graphics that are coming out on the Wii, it brings me back to my childhood playing Super Nintendo all day long.

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  • i bought a wii, played it for a week and have never played it again…it is a terrible system that has like 5 good games

    yes games like super mario bros and this NBA jam will be fun, but are no way worth the $50 they cost…there are xbox live arcade games for $10-$15 that offer more content and better graphics

    somehow nintendo knows what they are doing right bc every family in america owns a wii, unfortunetly game developers are not supporting wii game projects bc no one buys games for the wii unless they have mario, zelda, or metroid in the title…

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