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  • This is my most favourite duel between the East and the West as I’m a fan of both of this team from their respective conference.
    Instant classic performance from Manu, for me this is happening during the right time of the season for him. Anyone who knows his NBA will admit that this level of confidence from him can help the Spurs to make a great run in the playoffs. He brings all the much needed energy that this Spurs has been lacking for a long time. Now we’re about to see something special from the, considering they have made a strong from the win and their previous games against Cavs. All they need to do is wait for Parker to recover and discover his best. Then maybe, 2010 might just be the Spurs year again. If not, I’ll bet it will happen in 2011.
    Truly the most memorable moment for many people must have been the block Manu made on KG. Well I will agree with the majority but that’s because in my humble opinion it was watching how the old warrior stood up bravely despite hitting hard on his back in the floor. That’s is the stuff of legend by all means.
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