Iowa Fires Coach Todd Lickliter

Todd Lickliter has been fired as Iowa men’s basketball coach. Iowa was 38-58 under Lickliter, including 10-22 this season. Iowa’s school-record was 22 losses in a season. Needless to say, he deserved to get fired. Who will replace him to be Iowa’s next coach?

todd lickliter

I just hope it’s not Ben Jacobson from UNI. UNI is a better basketball school than Iowa, and always will be. Iowa is a football driven school, and basketball is just something to do once football season is over.

A few names that have been floating around are Bruce Pearl of Tennessee and Keno Davis of Providence. Pearl is a former Iowa assistant to Tom Davis so he has a little black and gold in him under that bright orange jacket. Keno is Tom Davis’ son, and will probably be recruited hard by Iowa. He coached Drake into the NCAA tourny, but he isn’t doing so hot at Providence. Iowa might be a good place to come back to before he gets on the hot seat.

I heard that New Mexico coach was pretty good, but the Hawkeyes aren’t interested…

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  • How about ESPN analyst and former UCLA coach (with a national title under his belt) Steve Lavin? I thought they should have taken a closer look at him befor they hired Dickliter. Pearl will never come back to Iowa. Davis is a great coach, but he is by no means his father. Maybe Rick Majerus is worth a look as well.

  • Okay, was mistaken on the national title. 6 straight sweet 16 and an Elite 8 appearance though.

  • who cares even if Iowa gets a coach that leads them to the tourny on a consistent basis they will complain and want to have him fired…unless someone delivers a big 10 title every year, and at least a sweet 16 and occasional elite 8 or final four every 3 years Iowa fans will be upset…

    they think they are entitled to contend for national titles in every sport…it just wont ever happen…mediocrity and occasional sweet 16 like every 10 years is all u will get

    • no one ran tom davis out of town who got us to the tourney on a consistent basis, alford was terrible, in 8 years 3 tourney appearances and once got iowa out of the first round. I don’t think any Iowa fans care about basketball anyway, they’ll never win a national title or even make the final four, it’s not a basketball school. Maybe Iowa can hire McDermott, I heard he’s good.

      • McDermott is terrible…if he could keep his players they might be good…i think they should bring back Wayne Morgan bc he is Carl Winslows twin brother

      • Iowa fans DO care about basketball which is why losing 22 games is unacceptable. In ESPN’s College Basketball Encyclopedia which came out in October of 2009, Iowa ranked #10 all time. Iowa used to be a basketball school and can become one again if the right system is put into place. Iowa arguably has more tradition in basketball than it does in football.

  • Can Ferentz coach football and basketball?

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