Steve Alford swears at BYU Player

New Mexico Lobo’s coach Steve Alford swears at BYU’s Jonathan Tavernari.

Tavernari was involved in a physical altercation near the end of the game with New Mexico’s Darington Hobson and had to be restrained.

Alford said Monday in a Mountain West teleconference that the conflict was later resolved, and that Tavernari came to the Lobos’ locker room and apologized.

Alford said he was trying to congratulate Tavernari, a senior, on an outstanding career at BYU, but that the player “didn’t want to hear that at the time.” Alford said he has called BYU coach Dave Rose to apologize.

Good to know that Steve Alford is still a dick. He was one when he was a coach at Iowa, and hasn’t quit since he left. Good Job Steve-o, stay classy.

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  • Alford showing his true colors. Iowa fans already knew this.

  • too bad alford was actually a decent coach at iowa…iowa never knows when they have something good…6 or 7 years ago they wanted to fire ferentz and look where they are now…alford in 7 years had 6 20 win season i believe and won 2 big 10 titles…not bad especially for iowa…they are god awful now

    • thankfully iowa state is just as bad as iowa so no one cares they suck.

    • Only 1 NCAA tournament at Iowa. The program was worse when he left. It’s what fans get when they trash something good. Tom Davis was better(7 NCAA,2 sweet 16 in 13 seasons)

      • the year they made the tournament was also the year they had 2 guys who were 4 year starters on the team and another who started at ISU his freshmen year.

  • Either way, he was still an Ass

  • I didn’t watch the game and I don’t know what lead up to this. But I know this much, Alford may be a dick, but everything he said in this clip was 100 percent correct and valid.

    I officially nominate Steve Alford as the 2010 NCAA Coach of the Year.

  • What we know is that Tavenari jacked up a foolish 3-pointer to knock BYU out of the game just after the altercation with Hobson. But the question still needs to be asked…is Tavenari an ******* (jerk)?

  • So he congratulates the guy, the guy talks shit to him.. and he’s the asshole? Uh.. ok.

  • Steve Alford congratulates a player on his successes and Tavenari can’t swallow his pride and thank the coach for his recognition. Too bad Tavenari isn’t the model mormon we all thought BYU produced. Even with the shitty game UNM played, BYU still loses. BYU has always and forever will be over-rated!

  • The iowa fans don’t know what kind of fire it takes to win. A good hoosier does. I love Alford’s answer to what happened. They are both competitors. Enough said and both apologized to each other. Way Cool. Two big ten tourney champs isn’t good enough or 150 wins. He hAS WON EVERYWHERE HE HAS COACH HAS COACHED. BEST THING EVER HAPPENED TO HIM WAS TO GET AWAY FROM IOWA. UNFORTUNATELY FOR IOWA THEY HAVE SINCE FORGOTTEN HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL.

  • Actually Alford was correct. Tavernari is an as..ole. He cried all night to the refs, as all BYU players do, and tried to fight with a UNM player at the end. After that, he was yelling and flailing his arms at the refs and yelling the f-word at the refs from the sideline. Alford could have called Tavernari a much worse name and he would still have been correct.

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