Brett Favre Injury Pictures

Pictures of Brett Favre’s Ankle and Thigh Injury

Rick Cleveland is a writer from Jackson, Mississippi for the Clarion Ledger so I think it is pretty legit.

He asked Bus Cook about the status of Brett Favre. Cook said he was “Beat up”, and said “You should see the pictures from his ankle and hamstring the day after the game”

Cook emailed Cleveland the photos. So here they are:

Brett Favre's Ankle

Brett Favre's Thigh

So those who argued whether or not he should have ran, this could answer a few of those of those critics.

Favre is a stud, he is a battler, and he’s never missed a freaking game. I applaud him for his effort and I hope he comes back in 2010.

Here’s the Play he got injured on

Via [Clarion Ledger] –  FYI they got a call from Bus Cook asking to take the pictures down. Until I get that call I keep them up! I do want to talk to Bus though – that would be cool.

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  • My bad, Brett. I didn’t mean to go low on you. Oh, who am I kidding? Any normal player would have sat out the rest of the game after that, I thought we’d get a chance to feast on Tarvaris.

  • BRETT! I am a doctor, I am pretty sure that is a tumor on your ankle. Might want to get that checked out.

  • Favres Ankle is nasty. Can anyone ever question Favres toughness? I don’t think so.

    • I’m sick & tired of Favre fans making excuses for his DUMB decisions! He could of ran for the 2 or 3 extra yards they needed for the field goal! WHY? Cause he had NO PROBLEM rolling out that way in the 1st place! BOTTOM LINE, Favre is over-rated & A-Rod is proving that right now! Favre is another T.O. & you Favre fans need to understand that! QUIT BABYING THAT SELFISH JERK!

      • I believe they needed more than 2 or 3 yards . . . you must be an OJ fan or something . . . who are you kidding . . . Favre well go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks ever whether you like it or not and there is nothing anyone can do about it . . . SO YOU ALL NEED TO GET OVER IT!

      • Wow you are a retard…Aaron Rodgers is nowhere near as good as Favre now, or at any point in his career…you also need to remember who taught Rodgers uh….Favre you moron. Get you head outta your ass

  • The ankle and hammy are an excuse for a terrible decision, every other QB in the NFL could have stayed in. Remember that picture was taken the next day, when the leg cooled off and adrenaline shut down and swelling kicked in. If you have ever had an injury like that you know what I am talking about. I have rolled both ankles at seperate times and continued playing on them for 1/2 hour or so. When the ankle is loose and adreniline is flowing it can be done. As a matter of fact you do notice pain but the ankle is still functional. I’m obviously not comparing myself to Favre, just comparing the same injury and explaining the injury. The major swelling and bruising occurs once the ankle cools off. It’s just the way it is.

    • when your 40 lets see you play on the field big man HA

    • Scott….. you had that same injury. Maybe. I KNOW I have. That’s not just a roll by the way, thats a rip. I had it and you know instantly by a “cracking” and “ripping” sound that it’s not good, while simultaneously feeling the shooting pain up your leg and a feeling like someone just kicked you in the balls…… Yes I know that ankle injury. Trust me when I tell you my pain tolerance is Very HIGh. I battled that ankle for an entire summer. That is not going to be easy to come back from and having seen the pics, I’m not sure how Favre got back onto the field. The cameras didn’t show him getting the “spike” on the sidelines. I think you might have twisted yours at the play park if you think adrenaline could have masked that. Irregardless, he would have been better to hobble toward the open 10 yards and gained 5. Whomever sent the 12th guy into the huddle should be fired, whomever called a rollout with an injured QB likewise especially when your going against a team with one of the worst running Defenses and you supposedly have a great running back. This was sticking your QB, whomever your QB is, under the bus to make that play. IMHO.

    • scott, you must be a lions fan..HAHAHA.
      you are right about one thing,you cant compare yourself to farve,cuz farve would say he made a bad choice,he did the best could with what was handed to him.Maybe you should get on that feild and see how you do with 5 300 lbs men trying to get you.
      Also i’m a 20 year vikings fan and i would like to thank farve for giving us renewing faith,he gave us the mojo we needed.And i PROUDLEY wear the purple and gold every sunday still!

    • Swelling begins immediately and not after it “cools off”. Comparing “rolled ankles” to high grade sprains is a little silly.

    • Hey Scott. Are you still as much of an ass as you were in 2010 or has your mommy finally moved you up to big-boy pants? Or is it still big-boy diapers. You’re not only vicious, but make “the donald” look intelligent!

    • Hey Scott. Are you still as much of an ass as you were in 2010 or has your mommy finally moved you up to big-boy pants? Or is it still big-boy diapers. You’re not only vicious, but make “the donald” look intelligent! You can only WISH you had half the courage, fortitude, integrity Favre STILL has over you – based how far up your own ass your head was in 2010!

    • Scottie: You can only WISH you had half the courage, fortitude, integrity Favre STILL has over you – based how far up your own ass your head was in 2010!

  • By the way he WAS RUNNING when he made the dumb decision to throw the ball. All he had to do was…. guess what…. continue running. Instead he makes the worse decision out of about 5 possible options.

  • I don’t care what his ankle was like he shouldn’t have thrown the damn ball across his body like that.

    • any of you think you could have done any better?? and by the way I don’t see you in NFL

      • ok that is the stupidiest point ever…just bc we are not in the nfl doesnt mean that you cant criticize a stupid decision…so basically you are saying whatever bone head play a professional athlete makes, it is ok bc he is better than you…i know i wouldnt have thrown that ball in that situation…i would have taken a knee or slid not to get destroyed which would have been a better decision

        • you have no idea what you would have done!!! Quarterbacks need to be able to scan the entire field in literally a second to find one open reciever as well as see the where the defense is and where they could be before the ball gets there. every quarterback makes bad decisions at some point in just about every game. Brett made one at bad time. but may i bring up HE IS 40!!! And after getting pounded all game he made a quick (all be it, wrong) decision. Have you ever ran on a leg like that? it is a little distracting. Brett is a Beast and I hope he comes back next year.

        • Anonymous, you’re an idiot. Either you have never played football in your entire life, OR you didn’t get to play QB on your HS team because of some ‘stupid coach’ that didn’t give you a chance…right? Scott, try brushing up on your grammar buddy. Unless you are European, you have no business having such poor communication skills. If you are European, stick to commenting on soccer.

          • Favre was trying to make a play! How about not having 12 in the huddle, or Adrian holding the damn ball? Favre was not the reason we lost this game. Simply because the pick happend last does NOT make it the reason why we lost.

      • no not better but we watched that kinda stuff for 14 years you were just farved lol we loved the man too he was a great QB but his ego got the best of him and all of us and for anyone who hasn’t met him ask the pack, jets and now the vikes

  • Wow, that is some crazy stuff! I can’t believe he was even standing and mobile. That is one tough guy.

  • Why the hell does he have a softball on the side of his ankle?



    • colts should of won the freakin super bowl. not that the saints didnt deserve i mean it was there 1 super bowl. if sains didnt pull that move i bet vikings would have won and lose to the colts.

  • “i know i wouldnt have thrown that ball in that situation…i would have taken a knee or slid not to get destroyed which would have been a better decision”…?

    You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re talking about a Top 5 QB in the history of football, and you’re making the definitive statement like that? Dude, there are MAYBE 2 other people on the planet that could’ve gotten their team into that situation under those circumstances after 4 turnovers. I cannot believe that you can be dumb enough to tell us what YOU would or wouldn’t have done (unless you are secretly Peyton Manning, hanging out on a message board 2 days before the super bowl).

  • dang that was a huge cheap shot vikings should b going to the superbowl but the refs got paid off to make the ”aints” go witch was bull s***… sharper needs to get his head checked same with brees and shocky and all of the ”aints”. they need to getitthrough there head that the refs got paid off for them to win

    Jordyn 13, red wing minnesota

    • lol another excuse for a lose just like the Giants were intercepting the radio signals to the field you guys are pathetic

  • Farve threw instead of running because he was in pain and did not want to get hit again. On the other hand I am positive that the Vikes defenders got in the huddle and said okay guys, lets make sure we don’t hit Brees because he might get hurt. We would hate it if he got knocked out of the game. That would make us win the game unfairly.

  • Favre is a warrior, Not many QBs would battle through that. Hope he comes back next year

  • Scott and N8…. no matter what your opinions are they are your opinions… fact is, Farve made some mistakes, should have the pass been thrown – no, should have the vikes fumbled twice in the red zone – no, should have Leber been called for interference – no, should the COACHING STAFF sent the 12th man in NO, did the vikes get aced on a couple of other calls – yes… no matter what, they guy IS a leader, the vikes have never had the locker room or sidelines together in this manner – ever! Maybe the Tarkenton years. The vikes could have never had the season that they did without his leadership PERIOD… Any fan of any team would have wanted to have this piece in place, the only thing the vikes missed this season was their secondary. SO FOR SCOTT AND N8 – GO BACK TO BEATING YOUR GIRLFIENDS OR WIVES (IF YOU HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER—PROBABLY NOT… IF SO GO BEAT WHATEVER)!!!

  • I am a college coach and have a 22 year martial arts history, and have seen and suffered such injuries repeatedly. Looks like he tore his hamstring as well as a tendon in his ankle. That guy who said he should have ran farther despite the pain, yeah, if it was only pain, I am sure he would have continued, but my educated guess is he either knew it was gonna give or one of those injuries did occur at that time and he did what he had to do.

  • Are you all forgetting about the numerous fumbles throughout the game ???????? . . . and it wouldn’t have come down to the dumb decision to throw the ball at the end!!!!! . . . He has saved the game so many times before like that . . . just not that day!

  • What a Nancy boy

  • Honestly, I don’t think Brett’s wife is going to let him come back. It had to be really hard for her to watch him get hit time after time, and probably saying to herself the whole time…NO MORE!!!! Remember, she is the one that has to heal the pain after the game..inside and out.I say THANKS Brett for a wonderful season, and God Bless..we could have never gone that far without you:O):O)

  • anyone who stands up for favre is an idiot. he cost you the game its as simple as that, he threw a pass a high school freshman wouldn’t have made. he said after the game he had no idea what their field position was in regards to a field goal, wow now that is greatness. Payton Manning,Tom Brady or even ARod would know what that and taken a knee or thrown it away anything but an int. please brett come back so we can all see you blow it again.

  • Peyton Manning did make that throw, in the super bowl. Anyone can make a mistake, especially under pressure. It’s a game, stuff happens.

  • so did these get sent to those lousy refs????

  • Hey Brett… you deserve you trader!!! Wish it would have broke off!


  • lmfao breet dumbass

  • praying for ya

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