Brett Favre Ankle Injury Video

Favres’ Ankle Injury Video for those of you who asked for it.

Here are the pictures of Favres Ankle the Next Day if you missed them.  They are pretty bad.  And you can see why he might have not wanted to run.

Better Video of Favre Hit about 50 seconds in.

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  • I guess the Brady Rule only applies to Brady?

  • Clean Hit, QB’s are palyers too!!

  • Too bad the hit wasn’t harder…..even though I hate to see a good player get hurt. Funny how a man who was hated by his competitors for so long can suddenly become a hero overnight. Have fun dealing with the drama. Don’t be surprised when he screws over Minnesota too, and don’t fall for that ‘good ol’ boy’ crap either. It is all about him. He is no team player. I’ll take Rodgers any day. You can have Favre.

  • @Packer Backer

    easy to throw him under the bus now that he’s old
    you want to renounce the guy down then you can return your superbowl victory too

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