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  • lebron doesnt want to be in a dunk contest bc he has no creativity…look back at his dunk contest in the mcdonalds high school contest…he ended up winning but he wasnt even the best dunker in the competition…the only reason he won is bc the other guys didnt finish their dunks…all lebron did was jump high and basically 2 hand it…it was really really lame

    lebron has nothing to gain from the dunk contest, and is scared too lose…
    cant win a championship cant win a dunk contest

    • Give LeBron a decent #2 on his team and he’ll win a title. Last night when the starters were on the court for the Lakers and Cavs, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th best players on the court were all Lakers. His surrounding cast is awful. Oh and the fact that Mike Brown doesn’t know if the Cavs play small ball no one can beat them, but he’s too awful of a coach to realize that.

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