Notre Dame awarded 2 free points

The Washington Huskies have defeated Notre Dame in a thriller in South Bend.

No, actually they haven’t, they’re playing overtime because the officials can’t get calls right. Let me set the scene, Notre Dame just drove down and scored a touchdown to take the lead and decides to go for 2 to give themselves a 3 point lead. Robert Hughes gets a direct snap and appears to score but if the booth had reviewed the play Hughes knee was clearly down. Locker drives the Huskies down the field and Eric Folk kicks a 37 yard field goal to tie the game in what should be a regulation victory for the Huskies.

I find it funny that the play was replayed numerous times and the announcers didn’t notice his knee was down.

No video yet, but once I get one I’ll put it up.

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  • I guess thats just karma for ND after getting screwed by the refs against Michigan

  • I would post my photo that I took but I don’t see anywhere to do so.

  • just keep on hatin like everyone else. it makes u sick to your stomach that ND is winning doesnt it? lol

  • No, it makes me sick that a play so crucial was not reviewed.

  • I’m a fan of neither team. Just a fan of college football and the Crimson Tide. That’s the only team I care to see win.

  • UW got a BS “roughing the snapper” call and couldn’t get the ball into the endzone with SIX attempts from the one yard line. They lost, suck it up.

  • the rafs totally hosed UW but hats off to ND for all those goal line stands

  • I don’t care if Washington lost. I could care even less that they won. That’s not the point.

    You’re crazy if you don’t think that two-point conversion shouldn’t have been reviewed. It’s a shame to see a team lose because of a failure to execute by the review booth.

  • Thanks for the pic JMC!

  • i agree with u jmc the NBC announcers never even questioned whether his knee was down before the ball crossed

  • is that white stripe inbetween the 2 uw players the ball?

  • Wish they had a goal line angle on the touchdown that Washington had called back. Instead, the camera angle came from a few yards into the end zone, which made it impossible to tell where the ball was when his knee was down. Evidently the refs had an angle the viewers didn’t have in order to determine conclusively where the football was???

  • It’s either the ball or a wrist band. I’m looking more to the left where you can see his arm clearly outside of the goal line. He’s got his arms wrapped around the ball and not stretching out.

  • The knee is down and can see his arm that was holding the ball. What a Blown call. Total BS. It should have been reviewed.

  • The call on the field was that he crossed the goal line. There’s even discussion here as to what is what and if that’s the ball or wrist band or whatever…in order to overturn the call on the field there has to be CONCLUSIVE evidence to the contrary. All plays are reviewed and this one was too. I’m sure if you can get over your hatred of ND you’ll agree that it’s not conclusive, you can’t see the ball and even with that photo people in this crap thread are arguing over what is what.

    Two points because that’s the call on the field and the evidence isn’t enough to overturn it.

  • FWIW, SportsCenter highlighted the 2-point conversion knee on the ground so it did get noticed after the fact by some media. You wonder if the UW guys in the booth relayed the info so Sark could’ve lobbied the officials for a review. Polk got robbed too, though it’s hard to excuse 6 downs to convert 1st and goal inside the 1. Hopefully the karma of ND being the worst 4-1 team in recent memory will catch them in the remainder of the season.

  • I don’t see a clear shot of #33’s knee. All I see is a knee of somebody. Quit whining

  • His knee is on that guys fingers! LOL you can make up anything from that photo. Please, the Irish gave you guys 7 points, and you had charlie weis calling the plays and you still lost.

  • Brad :just keep on hatin like everyone else. it makes u sick to your stomach that ND is winning doesnt it? lol


  • to say that UW lost the game because of that call is absurd….. No one truly knows what would have happened had the call been reviewed and ND had 2 points taken off the board…. Notre Dame’s defensive strategy may have differed, UW may have ran different plays. The one small change in the game at that point in time could have effectively changed the way the way the last minutes played out. In the end i guess it was all even though, Pac 10 refs on the field, Big East in the booth…. One side tried to help out UW, the other ND. I can guaranteed this…. it won’t be the last bad call that affects a game, and this definately wasn’t the first.

  • @Get Real

    CONCLUSIVE evidence? So Polk’s TD was not a TD but this was a 2 point conversion? Did you watch the game? You are telling me that there was conclusive evidence that Polk did not score and the officials got it wrong? Sorry, but you are mistaken.

    And FYI, the “roughing the snapper” penalty I am sure was because the ND player threw his forearm into the centers throat. I dont have a definition of the rule by college football but I am sure it is to protect the defenseless center from being injured in a wreckless manner. The coaches know the rules and teach the players accordingly. You can imagine how easy it is to take a 300 pound player down to his knees when you chop him in the throat with the knife edge of your forearm.

  • even if the play was reviewed and the call was overturned, Notre Dame still stopped UW 3 TIMES, you should have one, but the defense stepped up

  • irishdevil :even if the play was reviewed and the call was overturned, Notre Dame still stopped UW 3 TIMES at the goal line, you should have one, but the defense stepped up

  • even in that picture it looks like ball crossed the plane. its where the ball is not his knee stupid

  • So one call finally goes our way and the people want to cry about it. Im getting sick of having to watch the IRISH play the oppossing team AND the refs every week…GO IRISH!

  • Nice pic … but can the reviewer definitively say that the knee that is down if Hughes? if not the ruling stands. that’s the rule … lots of other examples of where a ruling is not overturned because of lack of irrefutable evidence … live by the sword .. die by the sword

  • The ball in the picture is right next to the knee of the Husky player. So no, it does NOT look like the ball crossed the plane.

  • U DUB got the calls for the game. Roughing the snapper…are you kidding ME? The personal found against locker in the first half when he wasn’t knocked down, and the player brushed him with his arm while he was throwing… give me a break. The holding call on the touchdown pass against ND…terrible call. U DUB should not have even been in the game ND was the better team. They put up 37 points and had 5 field goals. Give me a break about this photo. U DUB lost with their 0 for 9 attempts at the end zone. In the end you guys got KO’d. Why don’t you post that picture.

  • And it doesnt matter if the Huskies had 3 tries to get it over the goal line and failed. Anything can happen on any given play. That’s why you play the game!

  • You want to post the helmet to helmet hit pic?! Yeah he clobbered the guy but that is no different than cold cocking someone like the Oregon RB did. Look at the replay of the hit. I cant deny, it was amazing to see and I wont forget it for sometime but it was a helmet to helmet hit. He is lucky he didnt seriously injure that WR. So yeah it was cool, but I wouldnt brag about it. Once again, it was cool to see that RB at Oregon drop that LB but I’m sure that ND guy felt both amped up and at the same time a bit remorseful. Like I said, he could have really hurt him badly.

  • If they have camera’s at the goal line that are at perpendicular for this play why the heck dont they have them for other red zone plays? The replay for the TD was shown at a slight angle making it hard to see. I’ve never understood that.

  • Well ND got 4 points taken away when they called back a touchdown because of a nonexistent hold, then only got a FG.

  • thats a retarded comment, im curious as to whether or not you have ever watched college football before @ Matt

    I put my name as anonymous because i’m an idiot and a blind notre dame homer.

  • @Get Real
    You say it’s not conclusive on the ND two pointer, but you think it is on the TD reversal? Get real to me it’s the other way around.

  • @Jack
    That roughing the snapper call shouldn’t have even been an issue had the Big East review offical not taken points off the board. Polks touchdown was good, the ball was over the line!!! This was a joke, lets not forget that ND also got stood up at the goal line at the start of the 3rd quarter and they couldn’t punch it in as is evident with 5 field goals.

  • Someones knee is down…of the 8 or so ND players in the scrum are we conclusive sure that it is Hughes knee and at the same time sure exactly where the ball is?

    Pac-1o officials on site called it good. what do you do even with a photo like that?

    lets say they overrule: NO GOOD

    onside kick….a big play a td and ND wins outright in regulation…

    A Distinct possibility.

    Game over…. each team move on ….. lots of football left in 2009

  • @Anonymous


  • @ Brad
    Hating, how is it hating when you say the call is bad.

  • @Anonymous
    Karma generally comes back to bit the same team that benefited from an improper call…by applicable definition that is. It generally doesn’t screw over a team that wasn’t involved in the incident.

  • The Irish fans on here are embarrassing themselves. ND crying about being victimized by refs is like Obama whining about negative coverage in the media. Everyone hates you exactly because of the preferential treatment by the refs, an entire freakin’ network, and irritating TV commentators Say It Don’t Spray It Holtz.

  • It is borderline baffeling that human beings can look at the picture and not conclude there is irrefutable evidence that the runner was down. This is a statement of fact. This is not a statement over whether UW would’ve won, or UW was slighted in some manner. It is not a statement about how the rest of the game went.

    It is a fact. The runner is the guy with the knees down…and you can see the rest of his body is angled directly upward. Then…looking at the goal line you see that there is no Notre Dame player on across the goal line with the same profile of having half your body already on the ground.

    Seriously…as a ND fan just accept you got a lucky call and be happy about it. Don’t try and defend something that has factual evidence to porve you dont know what you are talking about.

  • ok, ND didnt get screwed at Michigan? Take a look at NDnation and they show all the calls the Michigan ref tanked at the S%&t House. The Armando Allen TD, when he “stepped” out of bounds? The uppercut to Olsen’s chin after a play, with the ref standing right in front of the action? And let’s not forget about Michigan’s game last week vs. Big Ten Powerhouse Indiana. How can the possession go to the Defense? Wow Im sure RR is paying them a little. ND deserves to get a break and this was def. a break. But where is the ball when his knee touches the ground?

  • And besides, ND would still have a 1 point lead if the conversion was No Good, and they still would’ve won!@bsu_05

    • Um, do you remember the kick Washington made to tie the game? Notre Dame would have lost by 2 had the conversion been no good. Once again the blindness of Notre Dame fans is amazing

  • @ Matt
    Assuming the exact same was happening? No! If ND is only leading by 1 Jake would absolutely score a TD and make a 2-pt conversion and UW wins by 7! There is ZERO chance ND would stop UW from march up the field. Now this is the better logic!

  • @ Matt
    Oh, forgot to mention: Purdue called a timeout for ND 2 weeks ago and ND needed two attempts to finish. If PU hadn’t called it, ND would spike and lose since the play immediately followed was incomplete…. Conclusion: No TO and ND lost! Any one with me, or Matt?

  • @ irishdevil

    Washington DID SCORE the touchdown ONCE, they should not have been forced to score it again… So the ND defense stepped up yes, BUT only after the NBC officials reversed what was CLEARLY a touchdown.

    My Question – when the TV camera was located a yard inside the end zone, how can the review booth have indisputable and conclusive video evidence to overturn a call made by an official who was standing ON the goal line? PLEASE – It was a HOMER call and everyone that is not a Notre Dame fan knows it.

  • Since when does NBC have its own officials?? Are you that insane dude??? It was a PAC TEN CREW!!!! Give it a rest. If ND scores one more TD in regulation the game is moot. Not only that Clausen was hurt, Floyd is done for the year and the Irish still hammered the Huskies for 37 points. If they had that one bogus penalty on their TD overturned, the Irish would have won going away. Get over it. Washington is tons better than they were under Ty, but they are not a better overall team than ND. Maybe soon, but not now.

  • The Pac Ten crew worked the field, a Big East crew worked the replay booth. The angle of the camera DOES make a big difference. See:

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