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Iowa Hawkeyes are Underrated

Why does everyone hate on Iowa?  They are a good team, they find ways to win, they just don’t do it very pretty. They have found a way to win all of their games, and they have had some tough games in there.  They arguably have the toughest road in the Big 10, and have had good non-conference opponents. The Big 10 is not a joke conference, they have a great set of teams this year, and the top teams have been very competitive with non conference teams.

Iowa is known to be a slow starting team, and they really have not played their best football yet.  Their offense hasn’t played great for four quarters, but they will get things on track eventually.  They are 7-0 as a 2nd half team.  Just imagine how they will be playing when they are at their best.

Iowa’s defense is dominate, and they play with hard-work and determination. They are gutty, they get the job done, and they capitalize on other team’s mistakes. Norm Parker is a genius, and is one of the best, if not the best defensive coordinator in all of college football.  Defense wins Championships.

Iowa doesn’t get the top recruits in the nation, they don’t get 4 stars and 5 star recruits.  They mostly get 3 star recruits.  No one wants to live in Iowa! It’s too damn cold in the winter and too hot in the summer! Coach Ferentz is one of the best at what he does, he makes good players great. He finds potential in players and gets the best out of them.  Just imagine what he could do if he had the recruiting class of USC or Florida, Iowa would be the best team in the nation.  Oh wait, they are one of the best teams in the Nation, with 3 star recruits.

Iowa is the ONLY team in the BCS to beat 3 BCS ranked teams.

Northern Iowa – One of the top teams in the FCS.
Iowa State – Decent Big 12 team this year, likely bowling.
Arizona – #22 in BCS
Penn State – #13 in BCS
Arkansas StateThe water boy (Bobby Boucher) might have been playing in that game.  But Iowa wasn’t losing to them, watch the games don’t just look at the scores.
Michigan – Solid team this year, definitely bowling
Wisconsin – #21 in BCS

Everyone says that USC is so much better than Iowa, but how?

Most of their top wins were not dominate, they have been close, they have been nail bitters.  Plus they have a loss.

San Jose State – Cupcake
Ohio State
– Close game
– Loss
Washington State –
Cal –
Won the game by a good margin – also not sure how good Cal is.
Notre Dame
– Close game – Might not be considered a good win by the end of the year

USC has only beaten one team in the BCS rankings, which is Ohio State, which was a close game. Everyone says USC is so dominant, but they aren’t, they have to fight for every win this year, they aren’t the same USC team as years past.  So how can people say USC is so much better than Iowa?  They are both in pretty similar circumstances, except Iowa has more wins.

Iowa may not win pretty, but the win.  And that’s what should count.  The best way to describe Iowa is like a 1980s Caprice Classic with 300,000 miles, it’s not pretty but when you  need it to get the job done it just works. Take the preconceived bias out of the rankings.  The computer rankings are the purest form of rankings. Which show Iowa at #1 – #4.  Right where they should be. So give Iowa some love, they deserve to be ranked among the top teams.

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  • I totally agree, Iowa deserves to be ranked higher than USC, and probably Cincy and Boise State as well. They should be on the same tier as Bama and Florida.

  • northern iowa is good for a fcs school, but do u really think usc would have only beat them by 1 point at home…no…they probably would have beat them by 30

    isu sucks this year = not a good win
    arizona = decent team
    penn st = good team, but definetly overrated
    arkansas st = gotta win by more than single digits vs the terribles
    michigan = decent win
    wisconsin = a typical big 10 team (terrible offense, and decent defense)

    – im sorry to say it but even if iowa goes undefeated they probably wont play in the national title game…and iowa fans are so stupid, bc they were celebrating the ohio st loss this weekend when that actually hurts them a ton…now if iowa beats ohio st they wont jump that much in the rankings

    • Harlan,

      It’s not stupid to get excited about a potential Big 10 conference title. Yes it would have been nice to play Ohio St undefeated, but now it makes the road just a little be more manageable if we don’t come out of Columbus unscathed. In the Big picture I want to win it all, but the most immediate thing is to win our conference. All in all winning takes care of itself, if you do, better things are going come.

    • Arizona, Penn St. and Wisconsin are all in the top 25 in the BCS, you can’t just say they are decent or good, or a typical Big 10 team. They are amongst the best teams in college football according to the rankings.

    • harlan you obviously haven’t seen iowa stat this year. they’re actually pretty competitive. arizona is much better than decent. when they take usc down to the wire in the last game off the season then maybe you’ll believe

  • iowa is a good team, i will give them that, but everyone knows they will blow it…and do you really think they could beat florida, alabama, usc, or texas…i think 6 is right where they should be

    • Iowa isn’t even playing their best football yet, I don’t think they will blow it. Stanzi is pretty level headed, he is not Tate. He isn’t going to throw baby fits in the middle of a game. And yes I do think they could beat Florida, Alabama, USC, or Texas.

  • Iowa is awesome, espn radio was even bashing them after they one last weekend……
    Don’t hate the player hate the game

  • can someone explain to me why iowa fans were celebrating the ohio st loss…idiots…only hurts their chances…and every team at this point in the year is not playing there best football hopefully…i dont know how you can even prove that…what if they end up losing there next 5 games…then obviously this was there best…that wont happen but im just sayin…

    i need facts, not hawkeye fan bias…

    iowa is good i give them that, and they will be lucky to be in the top 10 by seasons end…just my thought…iowa will always be a team that is hovering around the ranks between 20-30, and occassionaly will finish 10th at best…

    • The reason why hawk fans are excited about Ohio St losing is if they also lose to Penn St. and iowa only loses to Ohio St then we still go to the rose bowl because of the head to head win vs penn st. it may hurt us with the bcs rankings that they lost but if we beat Ohio st at ohio st it is still a win against a ranked team away from home. That alone should jump us in front of boise st and cincy because neither of them play a ranked opponent the rest of the year. I don’t see texas, florida, or alabama losing the rest of the regular season so it isn’t as much trying for the national championship game it is more about iowa going to the bcs.

      That is not a biased opinion, that is straight fact.

  • you can only take 3 star athletes and white farm boys so far…unless you play in the big 10…then you can go undefeated and get thumped in the championship game

    • BCS Schools by conference
      Big 10 – 4
      SEC – 4
      ACC – 3
      Big 12 – 3
      Big East – 3
      MWC – 3
      Pac 10 – 3
      Conf USA – 1
      WAC – 1

      You can bash the Big 10 all you want but the SEC, Big 12 and Pac 10 are all down this year as well.

      • its bc there are only like 4-5 good teams in the big 10…so they all get like 9 wins

        • 9 of 11 big ten teams are over .500
          8 of 12 big 12
          6 of 12 ACC
          6 of 8 Big East
          7 of 10 Pac 10
          7 of 12 SEC

          The Big 10 could have 9 bowl eligible teams this year.

          • just did some research and the Big 10 has no signature wins vs non conference teams…the best wins vs non conference would be iowas win vs arizona (but arizona has no good wins so how good are they), and michigan beating notre dame (and notre dame has no really good wins so how good are they)

            list of big 10 teams – will list their signature wins, and in parenthesis i will list that teams signature wins

            Iowa (the best big 10 team) – signature wins vs penn st (no big wins); vs michigan (notre dame); wisconsin (no big wins); arizona (best win is vs oregon st)

            ohio st – best win vs wisconsin (who has no big wins)

            mich st – beat michigan

            penn st – has played no one

            wisconsin – no big wins

            minnesota – no big wins

            michigan – only good win is vs notre dame

            indiana – no big wins

            northwestern – no big wins

            purdue – ohio st (this shows how good ohio st is)

            illinois – no big wins

            the only big wins for the big 10 are vs other big 10 teams…and those big 10 teams have beat no one…the conference schedules no one non conference, and then 8-9 teams get 7-8 wins bc they all just beat each other, and all win vs the bottom dewellers…its sad when the conferences best non conference win is an iowa win vs arizona…

          • Big non conference wins
            Big 12 – None (Texas beat LA-Monroe, does that count?)
            SEC – Alabama beat Va Tech
            Pac 10 – USC beat Ohio State (who you say sucks)
            Big 10 – Ohio State beat Navy, Iowa beat Arizona
            WAC – Boise State beat Oregon

            It works both ways, none of the other top teams/conferences have any big wins.

          • yeh but big 10 sucks…argument closed…iowa is good but big 10 = not good in my opinion…we will find out come bowl season just like last year

          • ur right we will find out in the bowl games, just like last year. iowa was a how many point underdog last year??? oh ya and how’d that game turn out for iowa.

  • Harlan Bigger either has doesn’t understand the polls, or she isn’t old enough to remember that Iowa finished #8 in the country in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

    Better than 10th (at best) three times in the past eight years.

  • Awesome Matt, it appears practically no one played non-conference powerhouses so apparently it’s not the Big 10 that’s scared, it’s everyone. So by Harlan’s Logic (big 10 sucks) USC has played no one and lost, Florida has played no one (Charleston Southern anyone?), Texas… no one, on down the line so the only team that is good this year apparently is Alabama, since they beat Va Tech….. oh and Boise St cause they beat Oregon.

    if that’s all you have for backup Harlan, then the arguement is agreed upon with one note added…. the Big Ten as a conference and ALL BUT 2 teams, have no significant non-conference wins. that means we should just have a top 2 and not a top 25 as it’s pointless right? lol, what else you got?

    • the big 10 is bad compared to the other top conferences…look at what they did in bowl games last year…and what has happened to big 10 teams in bcs games in the past 5 years…

      you will realize it this year once again when they suck it up in the bowl games, and iowa gets destroyed in the bcs game they make (which prob wont happend bc iowa will lose to northwestern and minnesota)

      • So you are falling back to last years bowl games to decide this years teams… Ok to a point that does have validity, and I do recall Iowa beating (soundly) an SEC team in last years bowl game, wow how bad is the SEC when a mid-tier BigTen team beats an SEC team… (past 7 years.. Iowa is 3-1 vs. the SEC in bowl games, beating teams like Florida & LSU, those teams must really suck this year due to their history vs lowly Iowa.)

        But the Pittsburgh Steelers are still the best team in pro football because they won the super bowl last year… See how the arguement doesn’t hold much water.

        Yes I will be watching the bowl games this year and the big ten will improve over last year.

  • my name is harlan bigger i like the cyclones but since they’re terrible i rip on the big ten and iowa to make me feel better

    • i do like the cyclones more than the hawks, but i already admitted the cyclones are terrible…but if they played in the big 10 they would get 6-7 wins this year, whereas they prob will only get 5 maybe 6 in the big 12

      • and i already said Iowa is a good team this year…i think the big 10 is just a little bit weaker top to bottom, maybe the top teams are comparable to some other conferences, but the bottom dewellers are terrible…you can still have a good team in a bad conference….enjoy this undefeated ride while it lasts

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