NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

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1. Ravens 3-0 Great defense as always.  But now they have an outstanding offense that is getting more than 30 points a game.
2. Giants 3-0 It’s always a good day when you can play David Carr without any worries of him losing the game for you.
3. Colts 3-0 The Colts look great and are going to be really scary when Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez are healthy.
4. Vikings
3-0 Favre is now +1 on games that has either won/loss. With Favre-ageddon coming this week, lets see if he can keep it up.
5. Jets 3-0 The Jets have really been impressive so far this season, Sanchez has been great, but I still want to see Greene.
6. Saints 3-0 I didn’t know the Saints could be slowed down.  Apparently they can, but not by much.
7. Patriots
2-1 The Patriots are back to their old school offense, no more fancy passes to Wes Welker.  Until he comes back.
8. Chargers
2-1 So Sproles is the new RB in San Diego?  Not likely.  They need LT in order to run the ball effectively.
9. Bengals
2-1 Are the Bengals for real?  They beat the Steelers and the Packers that has to count for something.
10. Steelers 1-2 Steelers D is nothing without the long hair of Troy Polamalu.  Can the Bengals beat out the Steelers to make the Playoffs?
11. Packers 2-1 Rodgers has been waiting for Favre-ageddon since the trade to the Jets.  Are Packers fans rooting for Rodgers or Favre?
12. Eagles 2-1 Three way QB controversy?  I don’t think so. It is good to see the Eagles can win without McNabb though.
13. Bears 2-1 Cutler is starting to look good, but they need to get Forte rolling.  Easy win over the Lions this week.
14. Falcons 2-1 Winning on the road in New England is a hard thing to do.  I see this as a learning experience for Matt Ryan.
15. 49ers
With Frank Gore out I am not sure how the 49ers will perform.  Great game vs Vikings, with Gore that may have been a Win.
16. Broncos 3-0 The Broncos haven’t played anyone, and the win vs Cinci was a miracle. Their upcoming schedule is the true test.
17. Cowboys 2-1 I really don’t think the Cowboys are very good, they will beat the Broncos and Chiefs, lose almost every game thereafter.
18. Cardinals 1-2 Northern Iowa alumni Kurt Warner looks old, maybe they need to not throw 50 passes a game and run the ball a little more.
19. Seahawks 1-2 Seneca has done decent as a fill in, but the Seahawks need Hasselback to win.
20. Titans 0-3 Are the Titans the best 0-3 team ever?  They have been in every game, and they really miss Haynesworth.
21. Jaguars 1-2 They put a game together this past week but their receivers aren’t performing right now. MoJo Drew can’t carry the load all season
22. Texans 1-2 Another year another disappointing start for the Texans
23. Bills 1-2 Fred Jackson has filled in well for Lynch, he’s the best thing they have going for themselves
24. Dolphins 1-2 Pennington is out for the season, the new era of Chad (Henne) has begun, I guess this was coming anyway.
25. Panthers 0-3 Maybe Delhomme should hand off to Williams who was averaging 6 yards a carry vs Dallas instead of passing the ball.
26. Lions
1-2 Lions get there first win in over a year, the auto industry has turned around, and the Tigers are going to the World Series!
27. Raiders 1-2 Completing 50% of passes is an accomplishment for JaMarcus Russell, good thing they cut Jeff Garcia and threw away their season.
28. Redskins 1-2 The Redskins lost to the Lions, so let the Fire Jim Zorn watch begin.  I wonder who will be the next coach for the Redskins?
29. Chiefs 0-3 Can’t stop the run, can’t run, can’t really do anything. I guess they’re good at losings
30. Rams 0-3 Losing Laurent Robinson ensures they won’t move out of the bottom 3 this year
31. Bucs
0-3 Josh Johnson is now the starting QB, which means the Florida Marlins have given up on this season. This also means that Freeman isn’t ready yet, check back in about 3 weeks.
32. Browns 0-3 With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…. Sam Bradford.

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  • I say Vikings should be ranked #2….I’m a Niners fan and Favre fan but I just don’t see them losing many games and on the rare occasion they do it won’t be at the hands of #4.

  • I can guarantee Favre will lose a game for the Vikings. Adrian Peterson isn’t going to lose it for the Vikings, the defense rarely will either. Favre will try to extend a play a little too far and throw an interception or fumble the ball. He does it every year. You just hope that the games he wins for you are more than the games he loses.

  • the Colts should be #1 they have beaten better teams than the Ravens

    • That is true but the ravens are a more complete team. the colts have peyton and reggie wayne and not much else going right now. which shows just how scary they can/will be when everyone is healthy

  • @Laurence

    Denver’s defense has done good, but it is hard to tell how good they really are since they faced Brady Quinn, and the worst QB in the league JaMarcus Russell. Baltimore’s D has done OK, and I would expect them to do a little better. I think we will really see how good these two teams are this week. Ravens @ Patriots and Cowboys @ Broncos. But offense alone does not win Championships, a team needs to have a great Defense as well.

  • I think it’s interesting that the Broncos are considered to not have validated themselves yet simply because of the teams they’ve played, yet if you look at the #1 team in these rankings(the Ravens) they’ve played teams that are of the same caliber.

    Denver’s Schedule

    1 Cincinnati 12-7 2-1
    2 Cleveland 27-6 0-3
    3 Oakland 23-3 1-2
    TOTAL 62-16(+46) 3-6

    Baltimore’s Schedule

    1 Kansas City 38-24 0-3
    2 San Diego 31-26 2-1
    3 Cleveland 34-3 0-3
    TOTAL 103-53(+50) 2-7

    So, the ravens have played against teams with a combined record of 2-7, the broncos have played against teams with a combined record of 3-6. Kansas City is about the equivalent of Oakland, and San Diego is about the equivalent of Cinci(who the ravens and broncos almost lost to respectively). and they both played Cleveland. While the ravens did score more points, they also gave up 37 more points than the Broncos. So, how is it that the Broncos still can’t be considered a good team, while the Ravens can be considered Great?

  • @Laurence
    Thank you for your Analysis, and I see your point. I just don’t see the Broncos being any higher yet, and it is hard for me to rank them above the other teams. It’s not just the teams they have played, it is also the quality of their play. Orton hasn’t really looked that great with the top quality receivers that he has. Eddie Royal doesn’t have 100 yards through three games. Flacco has looked fantastic with the receivers that he has, which are a lower caliber WRs. So my basis just isn’t on opponents that they face, it’s on quality play and quality of wins.

  • @Ryan

    I understand where you’re coming from, but while Denver’s offense hasn’t performed at the same level as baltimores offense, they haven’t needed to to win. Mainly because Denver’s defense has done so spectacularly, and Baltimores hasn’t. So are you saying it’s more important for a team to win by performing spectacularly on Offense, than it is to perform spectacularly on defense?

  • I am an Eagles fan and I have a problem with the Vikings, Jets, and Bengals being above us and why are we 13? Let’s see Favre is washed up and is just a matter of time before he is throwing INTs like the past few years. Can you really picture him going to the superbowl? Don’t think so!
    The Jets have look good but no way are they better then Philly with a rookie QB, Mcnabb is better than Collins.
    The Bengals , well they are the Bengals .

    • give me a call when mcnabb and westbrook are playing. when they’re at full strength they are my super bowl champs. I have nothing against the Eagles, they just have too many injuries right now.

    • 7 INTs in 17 games. One game from the Super Bowl..Oldest QB to ever win a playoff game. Not washed up yet.

  • martin :Let’s see Favre is washed up … Can you really picture him going to the superbowl?

    Johnny U at age 37..John Elway at age 38….

  • @ Laurence

    Dude, are you high? You argument has logic to it if you only look at a stats sheet, but a few things:
    – SD is equivalent to Cinci? On what planet?
    – Have you actually watched a football game? Outside of the scores and records, if you simply watch HOW Denver plays compared to Baltimore this ranking is justified. The Victory against Cinci was beyond a fluke. 99 out of 100 times, Broncos lose that game. You can say that Baltimore ‘barely’ beat SD (and I’m an SD fan) but they still earned it. They played harassing defense, competent, smart offense. But beating SD is not the same as beating Cinci. The Broncos have not been impressive in their victories despite the scores. Do it against Dallas and we can start believing, until then, it’s just a nice story.

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