JaMarcus Russell is Terrible

JaMarcus Russell is terrible, and he should not be starting in the NFL.  Here are a few reason why, let us know if you think of any others.
His passer rating is under 40
His stats in his third year are worse than his stats in his rookie season
His coach is happy when he completes 50% of his passes
Brady Quinn has one less pass attempt than Russell but 14 more completions (31-75 vs 45-74) (Brady Quinn is now benched)
He wears RB elbow pads
Quarterbacks I would rather have than JaMarcus Russell:

Anderson, Derek Cleveland Browns
Batch, Charlie Pittsburgh Steelers
Boller, Kyle St. Louis Rams
Bollinger, Brooks Free Agent
Booty, John David Vikings Practice Squad
Brady, Tom New England Patriots
Brees, Drew New Orleans Saints
Brennan, Colt Washington Redskins
Brohm, Brian Free Agent
Brooks, Aaron Free Agent
Brunell, Mark New Orleans Saints
Bulger, Marc St. Louis Rams
Campbell, Jason Washington Redskins
Carr, David New York Giants
Carter, Quincy New York Giants
Cassel, Matt Kansas City Chiefs
Clemens, Kellen New York Jets
Collins, Kerry Tennessee Titans
Croyle, Brodie Kansas City Chiefs
Culpepper, Daunte Detroit Lions
Cunningham, Randall Free Agent
Cutler, Jay Chicago Bears
Daniel, Chase New Orleans Saints
Delhomme, Jake Carolina Panthers
Edwards, Trent Buffalo Bills
Favre, Brett Minnesota Vikings
Feeley, A.J. Carolina Panthers
Fitzpatrick, Ryan Buffalo Bills
Flacco, Joe Baltimore Ravens
Flynn, Matt Green Bay Packers
Freeman, Josh Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Frye, Charlie Oakland Raiders
Garcia, Jeff Free Agent
Garrard, David Jacksonville Jaguars
George, Jeff Free Agent
Gradkowski, Bruce Oakland Raiders
Gray, Quinn Free Agent
Grossman, Rex Houston Texans
Harrington, Joey Free Agent
Hasselbeck, Matt Seattle Seahawks
Herbstreit, Kirk Free Agent
Hill, Shaun San Francisco 49ers
Jackson, Tarvaris Minnesota Vikings
Johnson, Josh Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kitna, Jon Dallas Cowboys
Kolb, Kevin Philadelphia Eagles
Leftwich, Byron Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Leinart, Matt Arizona Cardinals
Losman, J.P. UFL
Manning, Eli New York Giants
Manning, Peyton Indianapolis Colts
McNabb, Donovan Philadelphia Eagles
Mcnown, Cade Free Agent
Moon, Warren Free Agent
Nall, Craig Free Agent
O’Sullivan, J.T. Cincinnati Bengals
Orton, Kyle Denver Broncos
Palmer, Carson Cincinnati Bengals
Palmer, Jesse Free Agent
Patton, Chase Free Agent
Pennington, Chad Miami Dolphins
Quinn, Brady Cleveland Browns
Ramsey, Patrick Tennessee Titans
Rattay, Tim Free Agent
Redman, Chris Atlanta Falcons
Rivers, Philip San Diego Chargers
Rodgers, Aaron Green Bay Packers
Roethlisberger, Ben Pittsburgh Steelers
Romo, Tony Dallas Cowboys
Rosenfels, Sage Minnesota Vikings
Ryan, Matt Atlanta Falcons
Sanchez, Mark New York Jets
Schaub, Matt Houston Texans
Simms, Chris Denver Broncos
Smith, Akili Free Agent
Smith, Alex San Francisco 49ers
Smith, Troy Baltimore Ravens
Sorgi, Jim Indianapolis Colts
St. Pierre, Brian Arizona Cardinals
Stafford, Matthew Detroit Lions
Stanton, Drew Detroit Lions
Testaverde, Vinny Free Agent
Thigpen, Tyler Miami Dolphins
Vick, Michael Philadelphia Eagles
Volek, Billy San Diego Chargers
Wallace, Seneca Seattle Seahawks
Walter, Andrew New England Patriots
Warner, Kurt Arizona Cardinals
White, Pat Miami Dolphins
Young, Vince Tennessee Titans

If you are counting, there are 91 of them. So technically he should be a 3rd string QB, or a practice squad QB, or maybe he should try a different position.

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  • Now I see why Russell held out to get such a large contract. I would be extremely surprised if he even gets a tryout when his contract is up with the Raiders.

  • Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, and Kirk Herbstreit? Is this a joke? And no, you would not want Akili Smith or Cade Mcnown even if they were still around. Surprised you didn’t throw Tim Couch up on the list. Not saying Russell doesn’t suck, but maybe your list of “replacements” shouldn’t include commentators that never had a pro career and retired guys who are already in the hall of fame.

  • To Poster #2- I think what he’s trying to say is that he’d rather give ALMOST ANYONE a try OTHER than Russell. We have been told over and over that he is “progressing” as a QB. Dan Marino would probably still be better than Russell; hell, in all honesty probably 1/2 of the college QBs out there would at least turn a better completion percentage than Russell.

  • Yes, I get that it’s hyperbole. It’s actually pretty funny. I’m legitimately asking if this post is a joke. He tries to make a serious argument at the end, which makes it a lot less funny. If it’s a joke, why not throw Otto Graham on the list while we’re at it?

  • Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, and Kirk Herbstreit? Yes that is a joke, but most of the list is real. JaMarcus Russell is horrendous and all of these QBs would do better than him if they started for the Raiders, including Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, and Kirk Herbstreit, but I don’t see them suiting up anytime soon.

  • Charlie Batch and Quincy Carter, definitely!

  • Tried Andrew Walter. He didnt work out. Colt brenan is attractive as a QB. Run and gun Hawaii was the s$%t!!

  • I would include Ryan Fitzpatrick in the list. You can’t go wrong with a Harvard man.

  • I would include Chris Redman (Falcons) as well. He won 5 games in that terrible should-be-forgotten-season due to the whole Quitrino-Vick deal

  • No Kyle Orton? Ho-hum stats but he wins.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I updated the list. Keep those suggestions coming.

  • Classic List. Jeff George was epic.

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