Iowa – Penn State – Highlights

Iowa’s defense is crazy, they are going to dominate most teams. Their offense needs a lot of work if they are going to compete for the Big 10 Championship. Here are a few things that I saw:

1. Ricky Stanzi stares down his receivers, and only throws to the first read. I never see him read progressions, he needs to stop gawking at his receivers before he throws. He has some work to do, but he has a lot of upside and potential. Great job on the TD run, he saw the hole and kept the ball.

2. Iowa is still a power running team without Shonn Greene. Wegher and Robinson are a nice combination, and it is hard to tell which RB I like more. Iowa just needs to pound the ball a little more, and the offense will start rolling. Iowa is set at RB for years to come with these two freshman backs.

3. Can punters be in the Heisman race? Iowa’s punter Ryan Donahue had a terrific outing vs Penn State. He has tremendous accuracy and great power in his punts. I can see him punting at the next level.

4. Iowa’s new ranking is 13, which is behind Ohio State, and in front of Penn State. Personally I would have liked to see Iowa in the top ten ahead of Ohio State, but I can live with 13th. Iowa will go up when they beat every team that they face.

Overall I am pleased with the Hawkeyes production so far, and I think that they will improve as the season goes on. The defense doesn’t really need to improve, but the offense has a little work to do. My advice is just run it, maybe it will help calm Stanzi down, and open the passing game a little. Iowa has two capable backs with a ton of potential and I think they just need to utilize them more than the pass..

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  • penn st = overrated…they never play anyone non conference, and then they beat up on the terrible big 10, so every year they have a good record, and then get dominated in the bowl game…iowa did look impressive, and beating penn st in happy valley is always a big win, but there is no way iowa is a top 13 team, i know you will disagree. If iowa deserves to be 13 then UNI deserves to be 14 bc they should have beat Iowa in Iowa…Iowa will blow this big win by losing to a terrible team down the road…but i would like iowa to run the table and then play florida in the national title game and then get blown out by 50

  • penn state is not overrated, we were just beat by a better team. I still have hope for this season, we should still be near the top of the big 10

  • Iowa looked great out there, just run more and we should be good

  • @Harlan Bigger
    I think Iowa is a different team than when they played UNI, you have to admit if you have watched every game they have progressed greatly.

    UNI is dominating in FCS football, they gave up their first touchdown with 7 seconds to go in the game this past weekend. UNI is a good team, they compete with a lot of BCS teams, they beat Iowa State 2 years ago, and hung in with BYU for a while.

    Iowa has established their running game, and there defense since UNI. They just need to work on getting Stanzi calmed down early in the game. Iowa is known for being a slow starting team, so they will get better as the year goes on. And I don’t think Florida would put up 50 points on them.

  • @Harlan Bigger
    We are Always up for the challenge and have played well against Florida in the past….we’ll see!!!

  • UNI would beat Iowa in the dome…thats how good Iowa is…the problem is Iowa’s defense might be good but there offense is terrible…if they play a competent offense they will lose bc Iowa wont score much over 20 points vs a good team if they are even able to score 20…Iowa will blow this big win by losing to the likes of Indiana or some other terrible big 10 team

  • @Harlan Bigger
    I think that more Iowa fan’s would show up in the dome than UNI fans. The dome only holds 16,300, that would be why they don’t play there. If they had a nice stadium maybe they would do a home-home.

  • @Ryan
    neagative…the dome would be rocking purple my friend…and the 16300 fans in the dome are louder than the 70K at kinnick…its bc iowa doesnt want to lose and they are scared…they will continue to schedule cupcakes pre big 10 and then play in the terrible big 10…

  • @Harlan Bigger
    I didn’t know Iowa State (3-1) and Arizona (3-1) were cupcakes, I would consider them solid BCS teams. I would say they are better than Syracuse, Temple, and Akron. Big 12 and Pac 10 don’t produce too many cupcakes.

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