Why Andre Smith hasn’t signed

He’s greedy, that’s why. The Bengals knew he’d be a problem when they drafted him yet they picked him anyway. Andre Smith showed throughout his college career that he only cared about himself, he got suspended for the Sugar Bowl and it didn’t bother him. Smith is apparently asking for 5 years $40 million, $1.5M more than what Darius Heyard-Bey got at the #7 pick, the Bengals are offering 5 years $33M, that’s a lot of double cheeseburgers he could buy to improve on his unbelievable physique shown below.

Just skip to the 40 second mark. This is why Andre Smith hasn’t signed. Everyones making fun of his shirtless 40 yard dash.

Also note at the 1:40 minute mark, You can see Andre Smith run with no shorts not, just his briefs.

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  • Smith isn’t the only one that’s greedy, they all are. What’s wrong with Smith asking to paid where he is slotted. It’s only fair to ask for a contract between the 5th and 7th pick if you are the 6th pick, so just the assessment that he hasn’t signed because he is greedy is a little too critical, and yes the Raiders did overpay for DHB, but they overpay for everyone and Smith shouldn’t have to suffer for that. I mean based off of what you are saying, he should just take the contract which is, oh by the way, lower than what Eugene Monroe got at the eigth slot as an OT.

  • If you are slotted behind a top QB the numbers get skewed terribly. Add in that DHB was overpaid you get a miscalculation on Smith’s half. His figures are way off, instead of asking for 41M maybe he should shoot for 35M. The Bengal’s number is much closer than what Smith thinks he should get paid. Teams draft offensive lineman early so they don’t have to pay them as much money as QBs, WRs, and RBs. I agree that all players are greedy and they are trying to get the biggest contracts they can. You have to negotiate at some point and come to an agreement. He hasn’t been in camp for 3 weeks, why the hell should he still get paid huge amounts of money, when he hasn’t put the time or commitment in that his teammates have. I mean he has had an agent since college, why the hell can’t his agent figure it out.

  • Ryan,

    you my friend are not too smart. The Bengals are the greedy ones here. for one, asking 1.5mil more than the spot behind you is not a big increase, two, why should Andre take 2.4 mil less than Eugene Monroe got 2 spots behind Andre. if you want to point the finger at someone point the finger at the hapless Bengals and their 7 year loser coach and their longtime loser franchise.by the way you can make fun of how fat Andre is all you want, he will always be smarter than you and make more money than you.

    PS I’m not very smart so I think I’m good at picking out people who aren’t too smart.

    • If you read my comment above, I said he needs to negotiate, he isn’t going to get paid 40M and he should be happy with 35M. Lineman don’t make as much as QBs or WRs. He should make around million or two more than Monroe, if that. I don’t believe Andre is smarter than me. If I was Andre, I wouldn’t have gotten suspended for having an agent in college, I wouldn’t have shown up to the combine out of shape, I wouldn’t have ran the 40 with my shirt off, and I would be signed by now. He has horrible judgment, and obviously is an idiot. He lost $15-20 million in just a few months. If he would have made intelligent decisions he would have been the 1st or 2nd overall pick.

    • sounds to me like jay is a mad bengals fan. sorry jay but we don’t have any connections with the bengals front office, spouting off your anger in our posts won’t get your team anywhere.

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