Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick has signed a 2 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Going to Philadelphia was probably one of the smartest places that Vick could go.  The Philly Fans are crazy about the Eagles, and they will accept him if he can help them win. (They will also turn on them if he turns the ball over.)  He will go in as a backup in week 6, and will probably have some plays in the wildcat to mix things up.  He played in a similar system in Atlanta, so he should be able to pick up the offense.  He is going to be one of the best backups in the league, so if McNabb goes down, Eagle’s fans can sleep safely at night knowing that Vick can pick up most of the slack.  It should also be a good learning experience for Vick, he will be able to sit behind McNabb and get up to speed with the NFL.  Maybe he can do a Chunky Soup commercial with Mama McNabb.

Philadelphia is one of the towns that isn’t going to be bothered by a bunch of PETA rallies.  The fans will probably chase them out of the parking lot if they are picketing.  No one wants to picket in Philly when it is is the middle of December, PETA was probably hoping for a warm destination for Vick.  I don’t see a ton of uproar coming from the fans.  The biggest thing that the Eagles have to worry about is if there is any controversy with Donovan Mcnabb as the starter.  If McNabb has a bad day, and Vicks series with the wildcat goes great,  all the sports talk radio shows in Philly will be talking about how Vick should be the starter.  Eagles fan’s tend to turn on McNabb if he ties his shoes wrong.

Vick to Eagles
Vick to Eagles

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