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  • I read somewhere that his 40 time isnt as good as some people who currently play in the nfl, but his overall 100 speed it better…so idk if he would be that much faster, bc most nfl plays are played within 40 yards, and football is a game of quickness (change of direction), not overall speed…and the fact that he probably weighs 150 lbs he would get destroyed

  • i thought i read his 40 time was only like a 4.4 or something

    • his 40 yard time at one point in the race was at 3.1, but that was after he got up to speed, I think NBC said it was around 50-90 meters that he ran at that pace, his true 40 time is around 4.4

  • his hands are probably just as good or worse than troy williamson’s…and he would get destoryed…fast does not always = good football player…im sure al davis would be interested though

  • He was pretty good at cricket, and that is pretty much catching a baseball with your hands, I think he could handle a pass.

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