Favre and Fantasy Football

Now that Favre is officially a Viking, we should take a look at how he impacts the rest of the team on a Fantasy Football level. He should help make the defenses honest, and overall every Viking’s position should improve, except for Sage Rosenfels and Taravaris Jackson.

1.  Adrian Peterson – Clearly the No. 1 pick overall now. This is the closest offense he has ever had in the NFL to a balanced offense, and should be able to have a career year.  Did you see what Favre did to help Thomas Jones last season?

2.  Bernard Berrian – Moves up to a top 20, maybe even top 15 WR overall.   Favre loves the deep ball, and Berrian finally has a QB that can throw him one. Should have great value this year for where he is being drafted from.

3. Visanthe Shiancoe – I think he was borderline top 10 TE before, and now he his definitely in the top 10.  He has great potential this year after a strong campaign in 2008.  Favre loves to throw the TEs, especially in the red zone.

4.  Percy Harvin – I think his value has increased a little bit, Favre did a great job with Greg Jennings a few years ago.  He is good for a late round flyer, just to see if he gets on Favres radar.

5.  Brett Favre – Brett Favre helps out Brett Favre’s fantasy value for just being Brett Favre. He is a backup QB, probably 18 overall or so.  He will be inconsistent, and throw a lot of INTs, but he could be a bye week fill in. He is in F you mode, so maybe he will go crazy. He’s worth a flyer as a backup QB.

6. Chester Taylor – The addition of Favre actually hurts Chester Taylors value, Favre has always loved to throw it in the red zone which should lead to reduced carries for Chester and thus reduced touchdowns. If you own Peterson then you should own Chester, but he’s only a borderline top 36 running back.

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  • agree with everything…i think favre though will be better than a top 18 qb…i would be happy with him as my number 1, but thats only bc i dont draft qb’s until round 8…last year i swayed away from that strategy and took tom brady…and its no suprise it was the first year i missed the playoffs

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