Fantasy Football – Sleepers and Busts



Matt Ryan – Falcons: Tony Gonzalez was added during the off-season, he is still a top TE, and can easily get 1000 yards and 8 TDS this year.  Justin Peele was the TE last year.  I see a lot of improvement here. Ryan should have a solid year, I don’t see any drop off, it is an easy pick in the later rounds.

Kyle Orton – Broncos: This is the first time in his NFL career where he has had 2 legit WRs.  He should be on the board late and he is worth getting as a backup QB to see how he produces.

Running back

Pierre Thomas – Saints: With Duece gone Pierre should be getting the majority of the every down carries.  He should also be getting the majority of the goal line carries.  Plus Reggie Bush is injury prone, and can not be an every down back. So if he Bush goes down, it is all on Thomas.

Darren McFadden – Raiders: Two things that make McFadden a sneaky sleeper, he had turf toe pretty much most of last year, so his stats look horrible, and he plays for the Raiders.  He had a few breakout games last year, and I see him breaking out this year and eventually getting the majority of the carries. And we all know that the Raiders have no QB, so all they are going to do is run. Wing-T anyone?

Wide Receiver

Anquan Boldin – Cardinals – He didn’t play in 4 games last year due to injury and he still put up monster stats.  And let’s face it, he isn’t going to shatter his face every year.  I can see him doing just as good as Fitzgerald, but is being drafted 20 picks later (29th ADP vs Fitzgeralds 9th). Even if he get’s traded he should be a beast.

Anthony Gonzalez – Colts: With starvin’ Marvin Harrison gone, it looks like Gonzalez is the #2 WR now.  He should get some good looks since Wayne will be the main problem for the defenses. He is projected in the later rounds, so he should be a great steal.

Steve Breaston – Cardinals: For a late round flier, you get a great deal.  A 1000 yard receiver last year, and 3 TDs, this is pretty good considering you can snatch him up in the late rounds.  And if Boldin get’s traded he is the #2 guy.

Tight End

Greg Olson – Bears: Cutler needs to throw to somebody, might as well be the Bear’s best receiver.

Kevin Boss – Giants: Eli only has a few targets this year, and Boss is one of them.  I can see him getting a lot more looks, especially since their is no Burress and no Toomer.



Tony Romo – Cowboys: I do not like what I see in Dallas this year.  Romo has no #1 WR to throw to with TO gone. I don’t like Roy Williams being his #1, I think it will be a very run heavy offense this year.  If you can get Romo late, go for him, but I do not think he is a top QB this year.

Chad Pennington – Dolphins: Pennington when into last year in F you mode.  He wanted to stick it to the Jets, and he did.  This year I think we will just be mediocre, just like a normal year with the Jets.  There are going to be too many different people touching the ball to make him a huge fantasy threat.

Running Back

Thomas Jones – Jets: Jones had a monster year last year, but I don’t think there will be a repeat this year.  He is 31, and disgruntled about his contract.  The Jets traded up in the draft to get Doak Walker Award winning running back Shonn Greene.  And Rex Ryan said he planned on using him.  Does Baltimore’s 3-headed running back trio sound familiar?  Take some pressure of the rookie QB perhaps?  He might start out the year getting more carries, but it is a new era in New York, and Shonn Greene will come out on top.

Ronnie Brown – Dolphins: Half of his touchdowns last year were against New England when they unleashed the wildcat (Wild-tuna) offense.  He is a good back, but he will be splitting time with Ricky Williams, and for some reason, not sure why, I have this itching feeling that Pat White will be running some of those wildcat(wild-tuna) formations. Once Williams is gone, he will be a solid fantasy pick again.  Just wait for the first couple drug tests to go through.

Wide Receiver

Roy Williams – Cowboys: He didn’t do good along side TO last year, and he didn’t do good along side Calvin Johnson, I don’t think he is going to do good alongside Patrick Crayton.  He isn’t a true #1 receiver, and he is no replacement for TO. 430 Yards and 2 TDs is not #1 WR numbers. If you are looking for a #1 receiver out of Dallas, look for Jason Witten.

Micheal Crabtree – 49ers: Sign your god damn contract already.  You are not a top 5 pick, just because you were projected to be one, doesn’t mean you should get paid like one.  Don’t cry to us that you aren’t making 35 million when you are making 20 million.  I think you can survive. He is missing most of training camp, and rookie WR usually don’t do the best their first year.  Especially when you cry about your contract.

Tight End

Kellen Winslow – Bucs: Not really sure if he is going to stay healthy, or if he is going to bust out, but there is not enough reward with the risk to take him as a #1 TE.  If you can get him in the later rounds thats fine, but whos throwing to him?

Vernon Davis – 49ers: Don’t draft him on his “potential”, people will draft him way to high.  He is a backup fantasy tight end, don’t touch him until the later rounds. Singletary likes winners, plus he made Davis cry. So Davis isn’t on his good side.

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  • i have to disagree with roy williams being a bust…based off of his numbers last year he will get drafted lower than he should…when he was the number 1 in detroit he had good years…now he has a good qb, so he should put up good numbers…not top 10 wr numbers but he would be a solid number 2 wr on your team

    • roy williams is currently #43 in ADP which is 15th among WR. He had one good season (2006) and hasn’t reached 850 yards (53 YPG) any other year. His career per game yardage average is 58, including his huge season in 2006. If his career average holds up this year he’s looking at 928 yards. Last year that would have tied for Lance Moore for 26th in yardage and 30th in YPG.

  • better quarterback this year…im guessing 1000 yards, and 7-8 tds…thats a solid #2 wr

  • He had 17 catchs, 160 yards, and Zero TDs with Tony Romo over 7 games last year. Pretty sure that’s the same QB throwing to him this year.

  • he came in the middle of the year…didnt know the offense…romo didnt throw him the ball bc he loves witten and if he didnt throw to witten he had to throw to TO bc TO is the best WR…if he was bad i dont think he would be there number 1 WR…i suspect a bigger year than i actually predicted earlier…

    • Williams was targeted 46 times in the last 9 games last year with a spectacular 19 catches and he’s injured. Roy Williams has less than 60 catches and 800 yards. PUT IT ON THE BOARD.

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