49ers offer to Crabtree

The contract that the San Francisco 49ers’ first-round pick Michael Crabtree keeps refusing is apparently a 5 year $20 million contract with $16M guaranteed, and it has incentives where the deal can grow to be $26.5 million, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.  Crabtree was picked 10th overall and wants to get paid top 5 money, which is just ridiculous.  If you think you are worth so much money work for it and get your $26.5 million with incentives.  Crabtree is ready to sit out the season and re-enter next year’s draft in order to get more money. So you could either sit out and make zero dollars this year.  Or play and make $16 million guaranteed. Not that hard of choice.  Just suck it up and play.  Show us what you are really worth, because you haven’t proven a damn thing yet.

More Money More Problems

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