Why Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson broke up

No one is reporting why Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson broke up, but Colin Cowherd of the Thundering Herd radio show has his own theory, which I believe to be very accurate.

They’ve been dating for 2 1/2 years and everyone knows what happens when you approach your 3rd anniversary, commitment. According to Colin the steps in a relationship tend to go like so:

The 1st Anniversary – “The Sexy Anniversary” You take her on a trip to Mexico give her lingerie, anything that makes her look beautiful.

The 2nd Anniversary – “The I love you Anniversary” It’s the I love you, it’s not just about making out anniversary.

The 3rd anniversary – commitment.

The problem comes with the 3rd anniversary. You’ve done the sexy anniversary, you’ve done the I love you anniversary, and now all that is left is commitment.  The girls don’t fall for the sex stuff anymore, they know you love them, and now they want a commitment.

Anniversary #3 broke up Tony and Jessica folks.

You can download this segment from the ESPN Radio PodCenter page

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