Favre + Condo = Viking

The St. Paul Pioneer Pressstated today that Brett Favre has reportedly put down a deposit of  $30,000. for a condo in Edina, Minnesota.  According to my math that means that Brett will be a Viking very soon.  Signing Brett Favre is a good move for the Vikings, and it should make the Vikings a solid contender in the NFC North.  I know Brett Favre is old and past his prime, but he is an improvement over Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson.  Look at what Kurt Warner did last year with NO running game.  Think of what Favre can do with the best running game in football and a solid core of wide receivers.  He is a future Hall of Famer, and I will take him as my quarterback for a year, maybe he can help hand the reins to John David Booty or a more mature Tarvaris Jackson.  The signing of Brett Favre right before the release of season tickets should help boost sales in a down economy.  Really the jersey sales alone will pay for his salary and boost the Vikes income.  A preview of the Brett Favre Jersey can be seen below!

The Future of Brett Favre
The Future of Brett Favre

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