2009 NFL Season Predictions and Playoff Predictions

Matt’s Picks

How I came up with these. I picked each game individually ignoring what had happened the previous week and the results surprised me. See each individual game here

National Football Conference

American Football Conference

Philadelphia 13-3 New England 12-4
Washington 9-7 Miami 9-7
NY Giants 9-7 NY Jets 6-10
Dallas 8-8 Buffalo 4-12
Minnesota 10-6 Pittsburgh 11-5
Green Bay 8-8 Baltimore 10-6
Chicago 7-9 Cincinnati 6-10
Detroit 5-11 Cleveland 3-13
Carolina 9-7 Tennessee 10-6
Atlanta 9-7 Indianapolis 10-6
New Orleans 9-7 Houston 10-6
Tampa Bay 3-13 Jacksonville 6-10
Arizona 10-6 San Diego 12-4
Seattle 9-7 Kansas City 9-7
St. Louis 4-12 Denver 8-8
San Francisco 3-13 Oakland 4-12

Atlanta gets 5 seed over Washington based  better division record
Washington gets 6 seed based on better division record over Giants
Tennessee gets 4 seed based on 3-1 record vs IND and HOU
Indianapolis gets 6 seed based on better division record

Playoff Matchups

Wild Card
6 Washington @ 3 Minnesota – 3 Minnesota
5 Atlanta @ 4 Carolina – 5 Atlanta
6 Indianapolis @ 3 Pittsburgh – 6 Indianapolis
5 Baltimore @ 4 Tennessee – 5 Baltimore

Divisional Round
5 Atlanta @ 1 Philadelphia – 1 Philadelphia
3 Minnesota @ 2 Arizona – 3 Minnesota
6 Indianapolis @ 1 New England – 1 New England
5 Baltimore @ 2 San Diego – 2 San Diego

Conference Championships
3 Minnesota @ 1 Philadelphia – 1 Philadelphia
2 San Diego @ 1 New England – 2 San Diego

Super Bowl XLIV in Miami
San Diego vs Philadelphia – Philadelphia

Ryan’s Picks

National Football Conference

American Football Conference

Philadelphia 11-5 New England 11-5
NY Giants 9-7 Miami 10-6
Dallas 8-8 Buffalo 6-10
Washington 7-9 NY Jets 5-11
Minnesota 10-6 Pittsburgh 11-5
Green Bay 9-7 Baltimore 11-5
Chicago 9-7 Cincinnati 8-8
Detroit 3-13 Cleveland 3-13
Atlanta 10-6 Indianapolis 11-5
New Orleans 10-6 Tennessee 10-6
Carolina 9-7 Jacksonville 7-9
Tampa Bay 4-12 Houstan 6-10
Arizona 10-6 San Diego 10-6
Seattle 8-8 Kansas City 8-8
St. Louis 6-10 Denver 6-10
San Francisco 3-13 Oakland 3-11

Playoff Matchups

Wild Card
6 NY Giants@ 3 Minnesota- 3 Minnesota
5 New Orleans@ 4 Atlanta- 4 Atlanta
6 Miami@ 3 Indianapolis- 6 Miami
5 Baltimore@ 4 San Diego- 5 Baltimore

Divisional Round
4 Atlanta@ 1 Philadelphia – 5 Atlanta
3 Minnesota@ 2 Arizona- 2 Arizona
6 Miami@ 1 New England – 1 New England
5 Baltimore@ 2 Pittsburgh- 4 Baltimore

Conference Championships
4 Atlanta @ 2 Arizona – 2 Arizona
5 Baltimore @ 1 New England – 5 Baltimore

Super Bowl XLIV in Miami
Baltimore vs Arizona – Arizona

Comments 26

  • worst predictions ever

  • Those predictions are horrible how are the eagles going to win the super bowl. Their best players on offense are mcnabb and westbrook and they lost their best defenive player to denver. You people suck at predicting.

  • Still no love for the CARDS!!!

  • Wow E23 you must not know much about what the Eagles have done to their offensive line.

  • Even if the eagles have a great offensive line they are in a strong division. Cowboys,redskins,and giants are really good in defense.

  • Here what i agree on Matt’s predictions. In the wildcard i agree in every game that predict. In the division round the only thing I dont agree on is minnisota vs cardinals i think the cardinals win that one. i conference round i think cardinals and eagles will face again.

  • And on Ryan’s prediction’s. In the wildcard i dont agree on miami vs colts i think colts will that game and san diego win thiers. And in the divisional round i think steelers win that game. And the conference i think it anybody game.

  • There is no way that arizona clinches 2nd seed not a chance, i would even be surprised if they win there division the 49ers are getting on track and a healthy seahawks team with a great looking defence is starting to really look like the dark horse of the NFC.

    • please post your predictions footballguru. 0 people picked arizona to make it to the super bowl last year and look what happened.

      • People picked the cardinals to win the superbowl last year? who cardinal fans? everybody predicts that there team will make the superbowl. also from what i heard last year the seahawks were the favorite to win that division. as to my predictions i say eagles vs seattle in NFC championship and steelers vs new england in the AFC with the eagles vs steelers and steelers winning another superbowl. Arizona got real lucky last year they didnt even deserve to make the superbowl and i havent seen them get any better yet this offseason all ive seen them do is piss some of there better players off.

        • if you reread my post I said 0, as in none, picked the cardinals to go to the super bowl. it’s the NFL, anything can happen

        • I think that Wells is an improvement @ RB. They don’t need improvement anywhere else on offense. Their defense is pretty solid, I wouldn’t want to throw against them. And you need to throw against them to keep up with their offense. The only gaping hole I see on their team is a kick return / punt return specialist.

          • haha there defense is solid? since when did i miss something? and ok so they can throw so anyteam with a good DL can pin there ears back and rush the passer every down cause they cant run.

  • and kurt warner under pressure is known for throwing interceptions

  • That’s why they drafted Beanie Wells, so they could try to establish a running game. I am predicting it is going to be better. As for their defense, they have a good secondary, You can’t really argue against Wilson, Rolle, and Rodgers-Cromartie. Their Run stopping picked up near the end of the year, and I think they stopped some pretty good rushing teams. Atlanta – 40 yards for Turner, Carolina – 75 yards for Williams and Stewart, Philadelphia – 66 yards Westbrook and Buckhalter. I am not saying they have the best defense in the league. I am just saying it is pretty good, good enough for another Super Bowl Run, because their offense makes up for the difference.

  • On a side note. Seattle’s Defense ranked 30th overall last year according to NFL.com, at least Arizona’s was 19th. Not a big fan of Seattle’s RB situation, I like that Hasselbeck is healthy, and if he can stay healthy. Bringing in Houshmandzadeh was also a good move, since they had a depleted core last year. But I still think Arizona will win the Division. Warner is a beast, they built the offense around him. He was #3 QB last year and threw 30 TDs to 14 ints, I’ll take that any year. Plus I think 10 of those were to the Jets, or only 3 I guess.

    • I on the other hand am a huge fan of Seattle’s running game. Julius Jones has shown he can carry the load at RB and stay healthy. Wait, he had 2 games last year where he had over 17 carries and only 2 games over 100 yards. Seattle had the 28th ranked offense when it came to yards last year. Houshmandzadeh will help the WRs but the loss of Maurice Morris is crucial to an already terrible running game.

  • why the hate on san fran. and i know i will get ripped for this but oakland will be respectable

  • arizona’s defense ranked 28th in points allowed

  • San Fran and Oakland are kind of in the same situation. They both should have pretty good running games, and their defenses should improve. But my big problem with them is their QB and their young core of WR. If Russell wasn’t at QB, and Garcia was, I would probably put a few more wins for Oakland. It’s pretty rare for rookie WR to excel in their first year, they usually need at least a year to develop. Both teams probably have a good chance of getting more than 3 wins, but I picked game by game, so it is just how it fell. But I would not put either of them over 7 wins. They both have pretty hard schedules.

  • well you cant compare any of seattles stats from last year to predict this year, they only had 3 defensive players start every game last season thats gonna hurt a team, there starting QB went down, every reciver they had at the begining of the year was out by the half way point, the whole offensive line was gone by the end of the season, i dont care if who you ae in the nfl thats gonna stop any teams playoff chances, as for the defense its lookin elite i would say there front seven is one of the best in the league, best lb corps in the nfl bar none, picking up lucas was a huge pick up for CB now they have 2 big and very good CB’s the only weak point is safety but with the pressure im prediction seattle will put on the QB i think they should do fine. like 2 seasons ago, as i said seattle is my dark horse in the NFC IF they stay healthy

  • and seattles D last year had fewer points against per game then the cardinals and all they had were some rag tag back ups in almost every spot, and points against is the only thing to me that matters as a defensive stat.

  • shaun hill has a 7-3 record as a starter. singeltary is a good coach. josh morgan is a good reciever. better o-line.

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