Matt Cassel Trade

The Kansas City Chiefs got the steal of the year with the Matt Cassel trade.  Matt Cassel could have easily gone for multiple picks.  But he didn’t.  He went for a 2nd round pick, and he was paired with veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel.  The math just doesn’t add up.

Matt Cassel = 1st round pick + 3rd round pick

Matt Cassel + Mike Vrabel = 2nd round pick???????

I understand the Patriot’s concept of having a 2nd round pick, its less expensive, and they have had good production out of the 2nd rounders.  I also see how Vrabel was added on to get rid of some cap space but he is still worth another pick at least. Is it too much to ask for a 4th rounder? 5th? 6th? or even 7th?  I mean seriously ONLY a 2nd rounder for an offensive leader and a defensive leader?  Ridiculous.  There is some risk involved for the Chiefs,  Cassel could be a one year wonder, but the risk of a 2nd round pick is just as risky.  At least Cassel has proved something at the NFL level.   If I was a Patriot’s fan I would feel pretty screwed about the whole deal. 

Final Thought

Patriots Losers
Chiefs Winners

If I was a fan of the Patriots I would feel pretty screwed, and if I were a Chiefs fan I would be pretty happy with the trade. 

What do the fans out there think?

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